Andrei Deiu Height, Weight, Net Worth, Workout Plan, Girlfriend

Andrei Deiu, a bodybuilder from Romania who has recently blown up in popularity on Instagram.

At the age of 19, he started working in a gym. His first bodybuilding competition was in 2011, where he placed second in his hometown.

Andrei Deiu is currently 25 years old (in 2021) and lives in Germany, where he has started his professional career as a fitness model.

He is best known for his creative and stunning photoshoots, which often include surreal themes.

Andrei Deiu cardio
Source: Andrei Deiu Instagram

Andrei also has his website where he sells his training plans and nutrition guides. It’s only available in Romanian at the moment but will be translated into English soon.

His motto is “One who wants to succeed can always find a way

Andrei Deiu Wiki

Andrei Deiu was born on May 8, 1996. He is from the Autonomous Province of Bukovina in Romania. His family members are avid athletes, so he grew up surrounded by fitness and sports.

Andrei Deiu hasn’t always been the energetic, healthy individual he’s known for. He used to play a lot of video games and eat junk food when he was younger.

At the time, Andrei didn’t think about the long-term health consequences of his lifestyle. His weight gradually began to rise, and his self-esteem plummeted.

Andrei Deiu mirror selfie
Source: Andrei Deiu Instagram

Andrei realized he had to do something about the bullying and his weight; this, as Andrei recalls, “that’s how I got started.”

Starting his journey into fitness, he wasn’t sure of the outcome. Andrei said, “In the beginning, I wasn’t very confident about the outcome of my journey, and everything seemed impossible to me.” With no idea about nutrition or training, he went at it alone.

In 2011, Andrei made his debut in a competition, travelling to Miami and displaying an incredible physique at 17.

He now trains and attempts to enhance his weaker areas to return each year and claim first place as a Professional Bodybuilding Competitor.

In 2020, he competed in another significant competition: the Men’s Physique Olympia, where he placed fifth. He presently holds two critical records in his minor career; he was the Miami 2011 professional winner and took fifth place at the Men’s Physique, Olympia.

Andrei is constantly searching for ways to enhance his weaker areas, and he incorporates a comprehensive exercise session every week that targets each muscle group.

Andrei generally does split training with different weights and repetitions.

Andrei Deiu Height & Weight

Andrei Deiu is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 84 kilos. He has a large chest (44 inches) and a tiny waist (28 inches), which makes his body look like the letter “V.” His hair is brown, and his eyes are brown, too.

Andrei Deiu stage photo

Andrei Deiu Net Worth

Andrei Deiu net worth has increased substantially during the last few years. He is 25 years old, and his total net worth is $1 million – $2 million. He makes his money from bodybuilding, YouTube & modelling.


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Andrei Deiu Girlfriend

Andrei Deiu is not dating anybody right now. He has been a big inspiration for people who want to get active and be healthy. Andrei has not told us about his love life or about other relationships that he had.

Andrei might have shown up in some photos with female models, but he doesn’t mention anything about these relationships.

Andrei Deiu Workout Plan

Andrei Deiu cardio
Source: Andrei Deiu Instagram

Monday: Chest/Shoulders

Workout Reps Set
Incline Barbell Chest Press 10-12 4(Superset)
Press Ups Incline 10-12 4
Cable Fly’s Incline 10-15 4
Flat Dumbbell Press 8-10 4
Machine Chest Fly’s 10-12 4
Seated Lateral Raises 10-15 6

Tuesday: Back/Abs

Workout Reps Set
Pull-Ups Failure 3
Pulldowns 10-12 5
Seated Cable Row 10-12 4 (Superset)
Machine Pullovers 10-12 4
One Arm Dumbbell Row 8-10 3
Deadlifts 8-10 3
Leg Raises 15-20 4
Cable Crunches 10-15 3

Wednesday: Shoulders

Workout Reps Set
Military Press 8-10 4 (Superset)
Barbell Front Raises 8-10 4
Seated Side Lateral Raises 10-15 5
Standing One-Arm Lateral Raises 10-12 5
Seated Dumbbell Rear Delt Raises 10-12 4 (Superset)
Reverse Pec Deck Fly’s Failure 4
Dumbbell Shrugs 8-10 4

Thursday: Cardio/Abs

Workout Reps Set
1 Hour Incline Treadmill
Decline Leg Raises 12-15 4
Cable Crunches 10-15 4
Hanging Oblique Knee Raises 10 3

Friday: Quads/Calves

Workout Reps Set
15 Minutes Warm Up Bike
Squats 8-15 6
Narrow Stance Leg Press 12-15 4
Leg Extensions 10-15 6 (Superset)
Single-Leg Extensions 5 6
Standing Calve Raises 16-18 5
Standing Calve Raises 10-15 4

Saturday: Arms/Abs

Workout Reps Set
EZ-Bar Skull Crushers 10-12 4
Rope Pushdowns 10-15 5
Reverse Single Arm Extensions 10-12 3
Barbell Curls 8-10 4 (Superset)
Reverse Barbell Curls 8-10 4
Seated Concentration Curls 10-12 4
Air Bike 15-20 4
Side Lateral Leg Raises 10-12 4

Sunday: Hamstrings/Calves

Workout Reps Set
Lunges 10-12 4
High/Wide Stance Leg Press 10-12 5
Seated Leg Curls 10-12 5
Straight Legged Deadlifts 10-15 3
Calf Press (Using Leg Press) 10-15 5
Standing Calve Raises 10 3


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