What is KPOP Diet? How Many Calories Do KPOP Idols Eat?

Kpop stars have perfect bodies. Many fans want to look just as good as their idols, so they try to be slim by following the star’s extreme diet. It is an emerging trend on social media.

Many people know the Kpop diet, but not many know what it is. The diet started in South Korea and has quickly caught the attention of the whole world. It is supposed to be a long-term way to lose weight.

This diet is based on traditional Korean food, like rice and soy sauce, that people eat daily. This diet is also healthy because it allows you to eat good quality food even though it is low calorie.

kpop stars diet

Traditional Korean Diets

Korean foods rely on fruits, soy, and vegetables. It is also high in fish and fermented food such as kimchi. One characteristic that distinguishes Korean food from Western cuisine is that it doesn’t use a lot of sugar or fat, and the portions are smaller.

Korean food has helped Koreans stay healthier than Americans, with rates of obesity lower than in America.

Basic Fundamental Concept of the KPOP Diet

Some Korean superstars follow this diet. It is based on the traditional Korean diet and provides physical activity.

The K-diet’s primary features include proportionately high vegetable consumption (Namul), moderate to high legume and fish intake, and low red meat consumption.

Most banchan (side dishes) are seasoned with various Jang (fermented soy products), medicinal herbs, and sesame or perilla oil.

Korean food usually has rice and vegetables. But some regions use fish and seaweed. Sometimes people put garlic, green onions, and red pepper for better taste.

Korean fermentation technology has been crucial in preserving food supplies like legumes, vegetables, and fish. Grains, including rice and barley, have long been the primary source of carbohydrates.

Legumes and fish provided protein. Sesame or perilla oil was used to create vegetable oils from sesame or perilla seeds. The K-diet can be advocated as a healthy alternative to overnutrition-related metabolic diseases.

KPOP Diet Rules

  • Take Lesser Calories: A person should take fewer calories than required. KPOP Diet requires a calorie intake of 800 to 1000 for women and 1200 to 1500 for men.
  • Regular Exercise: KPOP Diet recommends exercising for at least 20 minutes like jogging, quick walking, cycling etc.
  • Consume Less Fat: It is recommended to consume less fat in the KPOP diet.
  • Minimize Added Sugars: You should drink water and avoid soda. You should eat fresh fruits instead of cookies, sweets, ice cream, and other baked goods.
  • Avoid Snacks: If you are on K-POP Diet, then you must stay away from having snacks.

KPOP Stars Diets

We can all agree that we’d want to be more like our favourite Kpop idols, particularly in terms of appearance.

Adopting a healthy Kpop diet yourself seems like an excellent way to start. So, we’ve compiled a list of KPOP idols and their ‘diets’.


IU Is well known for following a KPOP Diet. She captured the hearts of many fans with her rendition of “Good Day” on Immortal Songs but admitted that she is currently on a KPOP diet.


She explained, “I’m currently on KPOP’s diet. I eat one sweet potato in the morning and drink plenty of water for dinner.

IU also revealed that she can even go without eating anything but still drinks iced coffee to maintain her energy level throughout the day.



TWICE member revealed she followed KPOP’s Diet before debuting as an idol. She said, “I thought KPOP was only for stars who were slim. Instead, it is a way of life, not just a weight-loss method.”

As IU mentioned, Dahyun eats mostly vegetables and fish while staying far from fat-rich dishes such as fried chicken and samgyeopsal (pork belly).



KPOP stars like Taemin follow KPOP’s Diet. This KPOP idol stays away from red meat as much as possible by eating various vegetables such as squash, sweet potatoes, and zucchinis.

Taemin eats a lot of rice which is easy to digest and helps him feel full without feeling tired. They drink plenty of water throughout the day and don’t forget to take in an adequate amount of carbohydrates.



Orange Caramel member revealed her diet secrets through her fan café: Lizzy eats five meals daily, primarily vegetables, tofu, and fish.

She drinks 2-3 cups of milk a day and consumes a large amount of water. KPOP Diet helped her stay at a healthy weight before debuting as an idol.

Yoon Bo-ra

Yoon Bo-ra

SISTAR member Bo-ra revealed she was on KPOP’s Diet before she debuted. The singer said, “The KPOP diet is just like any other regular diet that everyone should be able to follow“.

KPOP’s Diet admittedly helped her shed the extra pounds holding back her dream of becoming a KPOP star!

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy

Miss A member Suzy revealed that KPOP’s Diet immensely helped her slim down. KPOP’s diet was just what she needed to become an idol by shedding the weight that held her back from debuting.

Suzy is one of the healthiest idols in Korea. She eats food with a lot of protein and fewer carbs. This way, she stays healthy-looking with a trim body. Her recent appearance in Start-Up looked good, and people copied her diet to stay looking that way.

She said, “I used KPOP’s diet five months before my debut because I loved KPOP forever, so I wanted to be a KPOP idol.” She also stated, “The KPOP diet is composed of only nutritious and healthy vegetables“.

Jennie From Blackpink

Jennie From Blackpink

Jennie told Cosmopolitan Korea that she has become stricter with her diet. She does not eat salt. Her Blackpink members might eat something delicious, but Jennie only eats porridge.

Jennie also said that KPOP’s diet allows for more protein intake but fewer carbs which helps KPOP stars stay slim and fit.



During a live stream, V shared his “special” food habit. He said not to worry and enjoy the experience. It also helps to think happy thoughts while eating that will help you not to gain weight.

Something like this might seem nonsense, but then he showed us that there might be something else in his secret during the same live stream when he reminded viewers that they should make EXCERCISE one of their hobbies. He even suggested that playing video games can count as exercise.

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BTS’ Jimin

bts jimin

Jimin also revealed via Cosmopolitan Korea that KPOP’s diet helped him shed pounds during his training years. He used KPOP’s diet as follows: he eats a lot of vegetables, a little meat and drinks a lot of water. KPOP’s diet helped him stay fit without a vigorous exercise regime.


KPOP Diet can help you lose or maintain your weight healthily. It also allows you to eat less fat and sugar, making it one of the best diets worldwide.

Although the diet can help weight loss, it focuses more on looking good. If you are on the K-POP diet, ensure that you get enough nutrition and do not get into disordered eating.


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