About Us

FitnessGraft.com aims to give the best information that can be useful and helpful to its readers.

For that, we have an enthusiastic team that focuses on educating the readers on fitness and dietary products by reviewing each product personally.

Our health experts aim to spread health and fitness on a large scale. And for that, they personally bring all the essential information to guide you through a healthy and wholesome life.

The FitnessGraft team is focused on providing you with accurate, factual, and up to date information in an easy-to-understand format.

Our knowledge database includes product reviews, ingredient presentations, and relevant industry-related articles.
The team comprises of beauty, health and fitness professionals that have years of experience in the industry.

You can also Contact Us directly in case of queries as well as requests for product reviews (we love these).

Mikael Gomez

Mikael GomezMy name is Mikael Gomez and I am one of the Chief Health Content Editors of this website.

I am working with FitnessGraft for a few years now and awarded 3 times as Best Content Writer.

I took this job after I completed my graduation at Maastricht University. Since I am one of the oldest working employees of FitnessGraft, I have gained a lot of knowledge on health, wellness, and fitness.

If you are looking for product reviews ranging from bodybuilding to male enhancement and other product articles, you can read mine. They’re live on the website with the author name.

From household ingredients to clinical researches and from supplements to their side effects, my team and I work a lot to provide an informative article beneficial for you and your health.

You must have come across numerous products but you might not know about the product, their ingredients, and their manufacturers.

Our goal at FitnessGraft is simple, to give an unbiased review of each product. If the product is good, it is good, if not then we do not recommend you or any readers.

If I recommend any product, it is mainly because we have got positive feedback from the customers. Other than that, I and my team do a deep study on product ingredients, the makers and overall reputation.

Michelle Taylor

Michelle TaylorHello, my name is Michelle and I am associated with FitnessGraft for over 10 years now. Working as a just content writer to working as Senior Content Writer and Editor now, the journey taught me a lot.

Graduated from Vanderbilt University, I wasn’t sure if I could work for a health and fitness firm, But I did and survived in the best way.

When it comes to working, this organization allows me to write on topics that are related to health and fitness. I am more curious to learn and study when it comes to new topics. So mostly, you will find me writing on general health topic than product reviews.

Writing and research have helped me to develop a skill where I can now confidently advise people about their well-being.

I often have to write papers and give recommendations to my patients. Writing here helps me get more involved in the topic.

Jessica J

Jessica JHey, I am Jessica J, M.D, Dermatology. I am the co-founder of this website and I love writing. Most articles on this website are written and reviewed by me.

I love researching new topics related to health and beauty.

I chose to be a part of this website after I saw my friends become a victim of various scams and snake oil products.

Therefore, I always ask my team to write about such dodgy and scam products. This allows us to protect people’s hard-earned money.

When it comes to honest reviews, I am straight and blunt. I won’t recommend any product unless I find it helpful.

Apart from this team, we have a few people operating out of our India and Australia office. Any of us can be contacted using the contact page. It can be good/bad feedback, a request for a product review, a question or just a hello. We love to hear from our readers.