Claire P. Thomas: Diet Plan & Workout Routine

If you love fitness, you might know about the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan. Claire P. Thomas is well known for both her fitness accomplishments and for being a model and a spokesperson for many popular companies.

Claire P. Thomas

Claire likes sports from when she was a kid. She played soccer, basketball, and other games in school. When she graduated college, Claire did not want to stop doing physical activity as she loved it since her childhood.

Instead of stopping sports altogether, Claire researched how to invest time in the fitness world that she knew about it. Now Claire goes to the gym and sets goals for herself, which she has also achieved so far.

Claire worked hard to be a successful influencer. It took months before she got followers over her social media handles. She kept her fans happy by posting often and updating them with her fitness strategy.

Claire P. Thomas Statistics

  • Name: Claire P. Thomas
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Athlete, Fitness Model, Brand Ambassador


  • Ex. Track Athlete
  • Fitness Model

Claire P. Thomas Diet Plan

If you want to be healthy, you need to focus on what you eat. Diet is the most important thing in becoming fit. Even more important than exercise. You could work out a lot, but if you don’t control your food, then your results will not be good.

Claire Thomas is very careful about what she eats. She is not as strict as other athletes, but she still makes healthier choices. That is why she created the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan.

Claire P. Thomas diet plan

Claire P. Thomas said that the best piece of advice related to a good diet is to always cook your own food. Even when travelling for work or campaigning, she prefers to carry homemade food in her lunch box. This way she does not have to eat out at restaurants and make bad choices when healthy options are available.

Claire Thomas shares her recipes with her followers. You can see them on her social media account. She also has a workout plan that she shares with people.

Claire likes to spend time in the kitchen. She is always experimenting with new and healthy recipes. One of her favourite recipes she makes is this one!

It’s called, “Chicken Burger with Zucchini, Cilantro, and Fetta Cheese”

Ingredients (makes two burgers):

  • 2 Large Bell Peppers
  • 1 Small Zucchini
  • Lean Chicken Patty
  • 1-2 Tbsp Feta Crumbles
  • 2 Tbsp Chopped Cilantro
  • 1 tsp Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • 2 Tbsp Low-fat sauce of choice

Directions for the recipe shared by Claire

“Cut tops and bottoms off bell peppers leaving about a 1” thick middle piece. You can grill the excess pepper or store it for a snack later. Slice zucchini into rounds and sprinkle with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Turn the grill on medium-high heat and place chicken patties, tops & bottoms of bell peppers (face down), and zucchini. Cook until chicken is fully cooked and veggies are slightly charred. Chop cilantro.

Divide all ingredients into two parts and build your burgers.”

Claire has a lot of things that she does to keep herself healthy and happy. It is clear that she really loves doing these things.

Claire P. Thomas Workout Routine

Once you have your diet under control, it is finally time to move on to the workout part of staying fit. Claire P. Thomas has always taken part in a wide range of sports.

Recently, she became a track athlete and she coaches people through e-books. This is one of the main reasons why her workout routine and diet plan have become popular among the public.

Claire P. Thomas workout progress pic

Claire P. Thomas offers paid websites for workouts and other information, but she also shares free information on YouTube. If you want to save money, then you can take advantage of her YouTube channel.

Gym vs. Bodyweight Workouts

Claire has been a part of fitness for most of her life. She has tried different exercises and training methods to see what works best. She tries to invent new exercises because she wants her muscles to grow more. She likes doing different things like HIIT or weight training, or even just cardio. Gyms are great places for her because she can do all these things there.


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But with fame, there are also responsibilities. Claire has to travel often. That means she does not have access to the gym at all times. But she has not given up on working out and is improvising her workouts by doing exercises without equipment (like push-ups). The trick is to do more repetitions of those exercises and has less rest time in between them.

She keeps the intensity up so that her heart rate gets higher. This helps her to burn fat faster than usual. It also helps sculpt her muscles and tighten her core too.

Claire’s Fat Burning HIT Workout

This is one of the most difficult workouts that Claire has made. It includes doing 4 rounds of exercises as fast as possible, then 10 burpees in between each exercise to keep your heart rate up. Here’s how it looks: Round 1 includes the following exercises:

  1. Backward lunges with bicep curls, 10 reps
  2. Burpees, 10 reps
  3. Push-ups to renegade rows, 10 reps
  4. Burpees, 10 reps
  5. Thrusters, 10 reps
  6. Burpees, 10 reps
  7. DB RDL’s too upright rows, 10 reps
  8. Burpees, 10 reps
  9. Repeat 4 times with as little rest as possible.

Claire P. Thomas abs workout

This is how she wants to explain her goals for herself and people who look up to her for inspiration. She wants them to lead better and healthier life.

Claire’s Advice

Once you know the basics of the Claire P. Thomas workout plan and diet routine, there is nothing stopping you from getting the body that you have always wanted. There are a few more things that Claire P. Thomas likes to share with her followers though.

Claire P. Thomas HIIT Workout

It is important to remember that every person has a different body with different needs. Depending on your age and the physical activity you do, the number of calories and vitamins your body needs will always be different from the fitness coach you are following. If you follow Claire P. Thomas’ workout, even if it is perfect for your body, you can still make some mistakes if you don’t take care of yourself as well as possible.

Thomas Claire P. suggests that the My Fitness Pal app is helpful to track your calorie intake and your physical activity during the day. It is a good way for you to understand what you need on days when you are following her workout routine and diet plan, but it’s still important for you to set goals that are specific to your body.


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