Aspen Rae Bodybuilder Wiki: Workout, Nutrition, Birthdate, Net Worth & Relationships

Aspen Rae was born on December 10, 1990, in San Jose, California, according to the zodiac sign Sagittarius and the nationality American — she is renowned for her professionalism as a fitness model while also acting like an adult actress.

Aspen Rae has worked as a camgirl before she started her career as an adult movie star. Then she moved on to personalized training, which made her want to become a fitness model.

She became a bikini model and participated in competitions with the International Federation of Bodybuilding.

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Aspen started competing in bikini shows when she was ready. Lots of people began asking her to be in magazines. At first, Aspen did not want to do this because she thought it might be too complex and would take up a lot of time and energy.

Aspen is an adult actress, and she started her career when she was 18. Her parents are religious and conservative, but they supported her decision to become an adult model after webcam modelling. When Aspen appeared in the Penthouse magazine, her mom bought it right away too.

Journey as Fitness Model

After high school, Aspen wanted to do something different. She tried to gain weight and tone her body. The gym was the perfect answer since she had always liked sports.

Aspen started going to the gym when she went to college. Her coach helped her to work out. She started working out with weights and then realized that she could do much more. She was working hard, and it turned out great because people noticed changes in her physique after just a couple of weeks.

Aspen’s body changed a lot over one year. She wanted to do competitions, but she didn’t have encouragement. Her coach helped her, and it became real.

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Aspen Rae soon started competing in NPC bikini competitions. She had a lot of success and was respected for the results. But she said she didn’t feel comfortable because her upper body was muscular, unlike the other girls who were primarily skinny. That’s why she decided to move to figure competitions instead of bikini competitions in 2016.

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When Aspen transferred to the figure category, she could work on her body without worrying about getting too big. That allowed her to build up her back muscles, which are one of the most vital parts of her body.

Aspen Rae’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Aspen Rae is 5 feet 3 inch i.e. 160 cms tall. Aspen Rae weighs about 48 kgs. Body Measurements of Aspen Rae’s are 34-23-34.


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Workout & Training

Aspen understands the need for appearance and proportion when competing on the fitness stage. One day is set aside for each muscle group, except legs, which she works twice a week. According to her this is one of her lesser-performing body parts. Aspen Rae focuses on her diet. Sometimes she does some cardio before a competition, but not always.

Lunges: According to Aspen, this one is ideal for the glutes. She went on to say that it’s also fantastic for any muscle, depending on how you position it. She targets her quadriceps by increasing the step, and her hamstrings do most of the work by decreasing the step.

Cable Upright Rows: Aspen finds it easier to keep her muscles under tension throughout the whole movement while performing this exercise. She considers this to be critical, as time under pressure equals hypertrophy.

Assisted pull-ups: Aspen Rae begins her back exercises with this one. She noticed that the practice is most beneficial for her lats with a wide grip and slow movements.

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Diet & Nutrition

Aspen follows stringent dieting rules while dieting down for a competition. This implies she counts each gram of protein, fat, and carbohydrate that enters her body.

She consumes six meals per day, with macros made of lean meats and egg whites for protein, brown rice and sweet potatoes as quality carbohydrates sources, and avocado combined with almond butter.


  • Whey Protein
  • BCAAs
  • Fat Burners

Aspen Rae’s Net Worth

The net worth of Aspen Rae is estimated at around $500,000. The main source of her income is from her photoshoots and YouTube Channel.

Aspen Rae Relationships

Aspen has dated many guys in her life. She had gone through breakups and heartbreaks to date. Aspen Rae was dating an American porn star Dale DaBone before she began dating Bobby Morse.

The couple started dating in September 2015, but their relationship ended up in April 2016. Currently, Aspen Rae is single and she keeps her personal life very secret.

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Aspen Rae Life in Short

Aspen Rae has years of experience behind her. She fulfilled all of her adolescent aspirations and continues to pursue more significant objectives.

However, her road to becoming a renowned fitness icon didn’t go exactly as planned. It’s possible that deciding to work in the adult entertainment industry may be stressful.

Aspen made her decision. She decided to chase after her dreams, no matter what people around her might say. If we could take something from Aspen’s story, it would never be giving up on your dreams, no matter how strange they may seem to some people.

There will be people who don’t understand your purpose and goals, but you need to keep going even if they have opinions about it. That is something Aspen would tell you.


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