Graham Elliot Weight Loss Journey From 400 lbs. to 253 lbs.

Graham Elliot is a US chef who has been on the TV show Masterchef. He used to weigh 400lbs, but now he’s down to 253lbs. How did he do it? He did it with this easy method.

Many people in the cooking profession find it hard to stay healthy because they are surrounded by unhealthy ingredients. Some chefs gain weight because of this.

Graham Elliot Weight Loss Journey

Who is Graham Eliot?

Graham Eliot is a chef who has won many awards and critical acclaim for his cooking, appearing on Iron Chef, Masterchef, Top Chef Masters and opening his own eponymous French restaurant.

Graham was overweight. He had a BMI of over 50, which puts him at risk for all sorts of health problems and could even lead to an early death.

Graham needed to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery that would limit how much food he could eat, but it was successful, and he lost weight.

Graham Eliot Weight Loss

Vivek Prachand is the director of minimally invasive surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine.

He says that 37-year-old MasterChef judge who weighed nearly 400lbs a year ago was a candidate for a duodenal switch. This procedure helps people with a BMI over 50 limit their food intake.

‘Multiple small tastings are central to Elliot’s work,’ Dr Prachand told the University of Chicago Medicine’s Imagine magazine.

But since Graham had to eat small bites of food, he could not do surgery. Instead, they put a band around his stomach. It makes the stomach smaller and doesn’t let him eat as much food.

Graham lost 150lbs in less than one year. He used to be really unhealthy and had sleep apnea too. Now he has lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than before.

In his interview with the Mail Online, Graham said that he now looks at food as fuel. He focuses on getting enough protein.

He likes to eat things that are natural and minimally fussed with and that showcase the season. Sometimes he eats less than other times so that he does not gain too much weight.

Graham’s diet has changed a lot. He eats mostly lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. His dinners are usually chicken and fish with salad or vegetables.

Graham also cut out nearly everything unhealthy for him, such as bread, pastries, sugary fizzy drinks, and beer.

A chef who used to be 400lbs now eats healthy foods. He snacks on fruit and cottage cheese or apple slices with peanut butter to keep his weight down. He says that he used to get stressed and ask for cookies and candy from the craft services table.

The surgery and his new diet have helped him to lose weight. He is doing the Chicago Marathon. He thought it would take two or three years to do this, but it only took one year.

What is Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?

Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery is for those people who do regular exercises and workouts but can’t keep control of their tastebuds.

They eat a lot of junk food or unhealthy food that don’t give benefits of exercise to them, and their weight remains constant.

In this kind of surgery, the surgeon removes part of your stomach and join the remaining portions.

Your new banana sized stomach is about 1/10th of the one that you had before surgery. In this small stomach, you get the feeling of fullerenes quickly, and hence it helps you lose weight easily.

This surgery is one of the costliest surgery in the USA. The average cost for gastric sleeve surgery is $14.900, but it can differ in every state.


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