How To Get Ripped In A Month? A Comprehensive Guide On Fastest Way To Achieve This Feat

How To Get Ripped In A Month is one of the most frequently asked questions.

According to many personal trainers and fitness veterans, people want to get ripped in a short time.

Hence, I have decided to give you the low-down on this topic.

This article will help answer the questions and clear the doubts about getting ripped on a schedule.

Lastly, I will also be discussing who should try this grueling challenge and who has the highest chance of achieving a ripped body in 30 days.

Ripped Body

Before we get into the meat of things, let’s take a look at some facts.

Why Do Men Want To Get Ripped In A Month?

A lot of gym trainers will tell you that men come to them asking to get ripped for a reason.

Some are planning to get married, some want to attend an event or some have a very important date.

However, shredding the excess fat to look like a statue of a Greek god is almost always to look attractive.

And this statement isn’t just limited to men who want to get ripped either.

Most women are also looking to get the full package of a flat stomach, slim legs, and a tight ass.

Of course, some people do want to get fit as well.

But they are the rare few that are super confident in themselves.

These are the ones who do not bother about what others think about their bodies.

Pursuing The Instagram Fantasy:

Back in the day, you had to visit the gym or watch the TV to find slim, fit, ripped, and potentially perfect-looking human beings that look like they don’t have any flaws.

However, these days, you can find thousands of men and women who look fit and drop-dead gorgeous in the world of Instagram and social media.

Most of us have the popular social-share app on our smartphones, and many of us have subscribed to at least one (or more) person(s) who uploads their workouts and ripped photos on their accounts on a daily basis.

If this sounds like you, we can both agree that we would all like to look like these guys with their perfectly chiseled bodies.

We think that doing the same workout as them and drinking the same protein shake is the key to success.

But is any of this true?

The Cold Hard Truth Behind Getting Ripped In A Month

Unfortunately, what most people forget about these Instagram stars is that they are often paid to put up their workout videos online while conveniently holding a shaker or drinking a BCAA shake post workout.

The fact of the matter is that getting ripped in a month is possible, but very difficult, at least for most of us.

Get Ripped Abs in A Month

While I am not trying to spoil your mood by raining on your parade, you should understand that working out towards achieving such strict results in just 30 days is not going to be easy, or painless.

I spoke to my local gym’s trainer about the people who come up to him asking to get ripped in a month, and he said that more than 90% of these people fail to even make it to day 15 before quitting.

So, if you want even to have a chance of finishing your month-long workout session, I have provided you with a guide that contains information on the diet you need to eat, the workouts you need to do, and the other factors that will ensure you get ripped in a month.

The Diet Plan To Getting Ripped In A Month:

Before you move on to read the workout section of this article, know that if you don’t get the diet down right, you are not going to be able to get ripped in a month.

This is because, for anyone working out and training, the diet plan makes up the core of their routine.

However, there are hundreds of sites online dedicated to providing you the ‘best’ diet plan to get you ripped instantly. Unfortunately, most of the information they provide is too difficult to follow or doesn’t help with getting cut as effectively as these sites claimed.

So, I am going to help you pick the right meal plan for you and also provide my recommendation.

How To Pick The Right Meal Plan For You?

Your body needs sufficient energy to complete those deadlifts you are going to be doing, so, what is it that you should be eating?

A high protein diet, low-fat/ high-carb diet, or the PSMF (Protein-Sparing Modified Fast) diet?

Well, your choices are endless, and with the internet at your fingertips, you can quickly take a look at detailed info on all these diets and see what suits you best.

Meal plan to get ripped in a month

However, there are a few things to remember before picking the meal plan you are going to be following.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is the most important thing you should be doing. This is because your body will use a lot of water when it’s getting rid of the toxins and fat that has accumulated over the lean muscles.

You will also need to ensure that you don’t get dehydrated when you are doing your intense workouts as this can lead to the body cannibalizing the lean muscle to get the energy it needs if you don’t hydrate yourself sufficient.

Precisely Following The Planned Diet

Strictly following the diet you have decided on is very important as the diet has probably been refined by experts in the field to maximize your fat burn while providing the body with the nutrients it needs to maintain and grow lean muscle.

Above all, you cannot fall off the wagon, and this means that no more drinking, smoking and eating candy. Anything with processed sugar is going to be something that doesn’t need to be in your grocery basket.

Stop Eating Out

It’s commonly known in the fitness communities that eating at home is the best way to eat healthily and stay on point with your diet. This is because food cooked by someone else is rarely going to be as healthily cooked as the food you prepare yourself.

Another advantage of stopping to eat out is that you are not as tempted by what others eat. You can use throwaway plastic containers to prepare and take your meals to work or school to not give yourself the excuse of eating out.

What’s My Recommended Diet Plan For Getting Ripped?

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of diet plans you can choose from when it comes to losing weight and getting ripped. However, my recommendation for a diet plan to getting ripped quickly will have to be the Ketogenic Diet Plan.

The Keto diet is the ideal diet plan for those who want to get shredded is because it stimulates the body into a state of ketosis. This is where your body burns its stored fat instead of the carbs, supercharging your fat burn.

However, you have to ensure that you eat sufficient amounts of healthy fats when on this diet. This is because as you can end up experiencing muscle deterioration if your body runs out of fat to metabolism for energy and starts metabolizing the lean muscle instead.

Ketogenic Diet To Get Ripped in a month

The Ketogenic diet I recommend should be focused on a ratio of 75% Fat, 20% Protein, and 5% Carbs. This diet should be based on healthy and fresh foods with as little processed foods as possible.

As for what you eat to make up the ratio of fat, protein, and carbs, I will leave it to you. The reason for this is that everyone’s regular diets are not the same and their likes and dislikes with food are also varied.

And with trying to get ripped in 30 days, you having to eat food that you don’t like is going to make the shredding process that much harder.

More information on this diet can be found on the Ketogenic diet article.

The Hard Facts About The Impact Of Your Diet On Getting Ripped

It is of paramount importance that you understand that anything you eat is going to affect how long it takes you to get shredded.

This is not about what healthy foods to eat but rather the unhealthy and counterproductive foods that should not be eaten when trying to get lean.

The point I am trying to make is that no matter how hard you work and how well you eat to get ripped in a matter of weeks if you eat even a single Snickers bar, you would have almost certainly destroyed a week’s worth of hard work.

Eating right is obviously a significant step and hurdle you are going to have to face and conquer if you want ever to get lean and ripped but it is possible to do.

While controlling eating urges and temptations that are always around us is difficult, with the right discipline and state of mind, you can stick to your diet plan, work out, and get ripped in a month.

The Workout Plan To Getting Ripped In A Month:

Now that we have discussed how important your diet plan is to get lean and ripped, let’s move on to the workout plan.

One thing that you should understand straight of the bat is that one set workout plan is not going to be effective for everyone.

We all have different body structures, ages, genders and fitness levels. For example, someone who has been running marathons for most of their adult life is not going to break a sweat when it comes to running on a treadmill for 50 minutes while a beginner is almost certainly to be panting and wheezing by the 20-minute mark.

The Workout Plan To Getting Ripped In A Month

In this guide, I will be discussing how to pick the right workout plan that suits your situation and how you can work out and achieve a lean and ripped figure in just 30 days.

However, a word of warning, getting ripped in 30 days is no walk in the park, and you should expect to have to push your body to the limit on a daily basis.

So, expect pain and frustration to be a daily occurrence. But with persistence and mental fortitude, the hard work is going to bear fruit at the end of the 30 days with a killer physique.

How To Shred Body Fat And Get Ripped?

There are two main ways that you can use to lose weight & get ripped
Cardio and Resistance Training.

Cardio Training

This includes running, jogging, cycling, swimming, stepmill, incline walking, and aerobics to name a few. These exercises increase your heart rate, blood flow, and metabolism.

This training is also great for improving overall health, fitness, and stamina. Cardio has also helped many people open up their body’s potential and gain higher amounts of energy.

Most people think that working out and training hard is draining but it can also be fulfilling and stimulating to the body and mind.

Resistance Training

Coming to Resistance Training, this is where you increase the resistance your body and muscles have to endure to do simple movements. This training usually comes in the form of weight training and often done at the gym.

For resistance training, you will be doing/using deadlifts, pushups, bench press, crunches, planks and dumbbells.

Most people think that resistance training is only for men, but women can also train with weights to get ripped in a month.

Another misconception people have is that Resistance training is better than Cardio or vice versa for weight loss. The truth of the matter is that if you want to get ripped in a month, you are going to have to do both.

Cardio helps improve metabolism and blood flow to the muscles while resistance training helps the muscles burn more energy and fat in the process. And the right workout plan incorporates both of these workout styles to have you ripped in a matter of weeks.

Points To Remember When Creating The Workout Plan:

If you want to get ripped in 30 days, it’s going to require you to work out with greater intensity and focus when compared to your regular workouts. It’s also going to be a difficult change to do so while limiting your eating and hunger urges.

Working out with a deadline works for some people, but more often than not, people find it stressful and end up putting too much pressure on themselves. This is something that you should keep in mind when you are setting up the fitness goal in your mind before even stepping foot in the gym.

Here are some other points to remember when designing or picking the right workout plan for you:

Workout Duration

Some people say that working out for a shorter amount of time with high-intensity workouts is more effective at fat burn when compared to longer duration of less intense workouts.

I feel that the amount of sweat you produce and the amount of lean muscle you create are measures of your progress.

Working out for 3 hours a day is going to be helpful to lose the excess fat in 30 days as 30-60 minute workouts are great for maintaining your physique but not enough to burn fat fast.

Balancing Cardio And Weight Training

If you run for 5 km a day for six days a week, you are bound to sweat your fat off, especially if you are on the Ketogenic diet. However, you can also sweat as much or more if you hit the gym and do some compound exercises.

Overall, I would recommend you mix your days between cardio and resistance training to maximize your gains. One sample workout routine would include 1-2 hours of cardio and 1 hour of resistance training.

Avoid Injuries

The worst thing you can do when trying to achieve a workout target is get injured. This often happens when people work out too hard with their bodies being unable to sustain the harsh training.

Injuries may also occur when poor form is used when working out which can occur when training with new workout exercises without proper guidance.

One thing to remember is that injuries can happen to anyone, whether they have been exercising at the gym for decades or days. So, it’s always important to follow the right form and listen to your body.

If your body has reached the limit and you are tired, it might not be a good idea to stop the set right there instead of tearing a muscle and causing more harm.

Importance Of Rest

Rest is something people often forget about in their pursuit of getting ripped in a specific period.

Remember that just because you want to get ripped in a month doesn’t mean that your body is going to be able to aid you in achieving this dream.

Also, know that working out all the time is more harmful than resting to the overall results you are going for. The rest period we dedicate to not working out is there to help the body and muscles repair and recuperate themselves.

Resting allows the muscles to repair themselves while increasing muscle tissue strength and volume. Long story short, even when you are on your rest day, your body is still working towards getting stronger, leaner and ripped.

Stay Focused And Determined

When you first start working out towards getting shredded, you will be pumped up and ready for anything. Unfortunately, it won’t take too long for you to feel drained, in pain and desperate for the workout to finish.

The main reason most people fail to achieve a killer physique at the end of the month is not that they don’t work out enough or that they don’t eat the right foods. It is because such intense workout routines and projects can cause their willpower and focus to be tested to the breaking point.

I feel that being mentally ready to put 200% into your workout and staying motivated, focused and determined will help you achieve your workout goals while also bring you benefits in your daily lives.

Social Implications

Preparation Is The Key To Success is one of the most important facts you need to understand if you want to get ripped in a month.

Prep work for your workout regime should be considered as building the foundation for your tower of success and is not a step you want to skip or do half-heartedly.

While some people will scoff and say that they are already fit and ready to take on this fitness challenge, it’s often these same people who find out they have overestimated themselves.

To help you prep-up correctly to achieve your ideal physique in a month, I have noted down some points regarding the physical, mental, and emotional preps that experts suggest you do to improve your performance and results.

The Physical Prep Plan

This is probably the easiest of the preparations that you need to complete for better workout results.

The reason for this is that there are a clear set of tasks that you can do to prepare yourself physically for the grueling 30 days of workouts you will need to do to get ripped.

Talk To The Doc

One of the first things you should do is talk to your physician or doctor to get the green light even to consider doing this fitness challenge.

The reason for this suggestion is that the 30-day physique change puts a lot of stress on the body and if you have medical or physical health issues, they may be aggravated due to the intense workouts.

Warm Up

Before you start any exercise session, the trainer or coach will always get you to warm up with some basic moves and stretches. This is done so that your still muscles and joints are stretched and warmed up.

When you warm up, your body experiences an increase in blood flow to the muscles, increasing their ability to provide the power you need for your workouts.

Warming up is also a great way to get your head in the game and mind focused on your workout.

Get The Right Gear

You may have seen the men and women at your gym geared with sportswear that makes them look like an Adidas advertisement.

Well, while the goal for most people who do this is to look good and show off, the practical users do so because the gear is designed for working out and is most comfortable for the task at hand.

Of course, I am not asking you to buy half the Adidas showroom downtown. Instead, pick the gear that is most comfortable for you to move in and work out with.

The right type of shoes (runners, not sneakers) should be worn, and they have to be the right size with the best fit. Your top/t-shirt should be comfortable which doesn’t chafe you in any way. The same goes for your shorts/tights/leggings.

And above all, make sure you are comfortable with what you are going to wear as clothes that make you feel uncomfortable can quickly become an excuse to skip a workout (which is a downhill spiral you don’t want to experience).

The Mental Prep Plan

The mental preparations you need to do before starting the 30-day ‘get shredded’ workout as this is what will determine whether you succeed in achieving your goal or end up giving up halfway.

Most articles online don’t emphasize the importance of having the right mindset for workouts, even when this is one of the biggest reasons most people fail at achieving long-term success with their exercise and fitness goals.

The best way (and the simplest) to mentally prepare yourself for this workout is to make a mental list of all the reasons you are doing this.

If your list has 8 reasons, you should know that while there are 100s of reasons to quit and give up, there are 8 reasons to keep going and succeeding. And these 8 reasons are more important and worth holding on to, especially when the training gets difficult.

One misconception people have is that those Instagram stars and celebrities that appear in movies have it easy to get the bodies they have. This is completely false as they find it as difficult and challenging to get the perfect physiques they have.

Most of the Instagram stars spend two to three hours a day in the gym getting ripped while sacrificing eating out and drinking with friends because this would not help maintain their physique and fitness goals.

And unlike you and me who are only trying to follow the same workouts as these guys for 30 days, they do so as part of their lifestyle.

So, looking at it from that perspective, you don’t have much to complain about, do you?

The Emotional Prep Plan

To be emotionally prepared for this workout goal is as important as being mentally prepared.

When it comes to your emotions, logical arguments that work to convince your brain don’t always work.

One emotion that doesn’t work for long-term workout sessions is anger. Many people say that being angry while working out will give you the extra burst of energy and determination, but I am against this thinking.

The reason is simple, while anger looks like it contains a boost in energy, it is easily transferable. For example, if you had a fight with your partner at home and ended up at the gym for your daily workout to get ripped in a month, you would be working out in anger.

This anger may seem productive at the beginning, but if you don’t channel the anger into determination, it can end up as frustration and despair. So, instead of gritting your teeth with determination to finish that last set, you may end up chucking the dumbbells at the mirror because you found it frustrating to fail at completing your routine.

Instead of such a negative emotion, I propose you keep your emotions and mind as calm as possible when working out.

The reason I suggest being calm, yet determined is that this state of mind can help you keep your mind on the goal you are at the gym to achieve, getting ripped.

Executing The Plan To Getting Ripped In A Month:

Well, if you managed to follow up to here and have done as I suggested, you are now ready to get ripped in a month with ease.

Getting To It

Simply put, now that you have prepared and planned your workout and diet, it’s time to get to it without delay. It’s important that you don’t delay starting as procrastination is the gateway to failure.

Start Today To Get Ripped in a month

Talk to your family, friends, and coworkers and tell them of your fitness goal and how you are trying to get ripped in 30 days. Some of them may be supportive, some may laugh at you, while others will scoff and say it isn’t possible.

Either way, get your support team to help you out when you need it, especially mentally and emotionally. Trust me, it makes a big difference knowing that someone is there in your corner, encouraging you to more forward and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Common Problems To Look Out For

No matter how much you try to, you are going to face problems and issues while trying to achieve any fitness goal you have set for yourself.

The Naysayers

When you try to stand out and do something productive like get a shredded physique, you are going to attract the scorn of the naysayers. These guys will be ‘advising’ you that it isn’t possible for you to achieve your fitness goal because they aren’t brave enough to even try themselves.

What you should do is completely separate these naysayers from your life as they are the toxic set of people you are better off not interacting with. And once they are gone, you are sure to not miss them.


Getting ripped in a month will put your body under a lot of stress which can end up causing you some injuries. These injuries may range from muscle aches to skinned palms, overstrained joints, or a torn muscle.

Be careful and avoid getting injured but if you do get hurt, take the time to heal properly before resuming your workout routine.

Remember that while it’s great that you are trying to get ripped in a month, a delay of a few weeks is not going to be fatal. However, working out and exercising with injuries can lead to long-term issues that are not worth harming yourself over.

Social Implications And Other Commitments

The 30-day workout is going to be very demanding, depending on your prior fitness level. For most people, to achieve their ideal physique in 30 days, they are going to have to spend 2-3 hours a day at the gym.

This combined with the diet limitations can come in the way of your other commitments. Imagine going on a date with your girlfriend to the restaurant and pulling out a plastic container with your carefully prepared calorie-counted meal. That is a surefire way of looking weird right there.

The social implications of working out also include the limited amount of time you have for other activities, after all, working out and eating healthy also require you to sleep at an appropriate time.

So, when it comes to Friday and everyone else is going to your favorite pub to have a few cold ones and dance the night out, you are going to have to say no and sleep early to get up in the morning for your Saturday gym session. This is going to be particularly challenging to stick to (personal experience speaking here).

High Expectations

If you publicize your intention of getting ripped in a month, people are going to have some high expectations of you. This means that they will be enquiring about your progress every day, checking your Facebook for your progress photos and wanting to see how you are doing.

This public expectation can be hard for some people while others will be able to use this to strengthen their resolve in getting shredded. You should know in your mind on which one you are.

Remodeling The Plan To Get Ripped In A Month

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know the kinks in your plan to get ripped until you execute the plan first.

Some problems become apparent after you start working out and these can be related to the food that you eat (digestion or taste issues) or the workout exercises that you are doing (difficulty in executing form). It can even be related to the time of day you go to the gym (it might be too crowded to workout).

Regardless of what the problem is, you are free to remodel your workout plan to help optimize it for your end goal of getting ripped in a month.

Remember to not quit halfway because of some minor setbacks and know that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is achievable and not fool’s gold.

If you follow the plan you have created and remodeled, you are sure to achieve your workout goal of getting ripped in a month.

Editor’s Thoughts On Getting Ripped In A Month

How to get ripped in a month’ is a question that is asked quite often and I have tried to provide you with a comprehensive guide on achieving this feat.

Of course, how easy or difficult it is for you to achieve will be based on how well you do your prep work, plan your workouts, and mentally prepare yourself.

To finish this guide off, here are some questions that popped up when I was writing this article:

Is It Possible For Average Joe/Jane To Achieve?

Yes, you don’t have to super fit or well-built to get ripped. Gender and age also doesn’t matter, only determination and hard work makes a difference.

And remember that before they were Instagram famous, most of the men and women you look up to on Instagram were average before getting ripped.

So, ask yourself ‘If they can do it, why can’t you?’

Is Gym And Trainer Mandatory?

Well, you are going to need some gym equipment to get some intense workouts done, especially for resistance training. However, you can get around this by doing HIIT training that follows a bodyweight centered training regime.

You can also work out at home if you have weights or a home gym. However, in my opinion, its best to join a gym that fits your style and budget (some gyms can cost up to $1000 per month).

So, no, there is no need for a gym but it is highly recommended.

As for a trainer, you don’t need one if you know what you are doing. However, if you are starting out and have no idea where to start with your workout plan, it might be an indication that you should be seeking a trainer.

Whether to talk to your gym trainer or getting a personal trainer is up to you and your budget. However, ensure that you get a plan that is tailor-made to your situation, body and workout goals.

There are also apps available that provide an online trainer which are trending these days. I have written a review on one of the most popular apps called My Fitness by Jillian Michaels.

So, yes, you need a trainer to tell you what to do if you don’t already know what to do to get ripped in a month.

Are Supplements Mandatory?

When you see the men and women on Instagram who are ripped and chiseled, they often have one or more supplements present with them in their photos and videos. So, do you need to use similar supplements to get cut like them?

Well, in my opinion, it isn’t necessary to try supplements, but they will definitely give faster results.

The reason for the vague answer is that you don’t need supplements if your diet comes with sufficient amounts of macronutrients and amino acids that your body needs to shred fat and build lean muscles.

You should also remember that intense workouts like the one we are discussing in this guide require your body to be put in a lot of stress, so food that aids in recovery and reducing fatigue is most helpful.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to manage to eat foods that contain the perfect amounts of nutrients as each type of food is made up of multiple macronutrients, not a single type of nutrients. So, if you eat beef, while you are gaining protein, you are also eating a small amount of fat.

Therefore, many people prefer to use supplements that contain the required nutrients that help them gain muscle, lose fat, and get ripped. Crazy Bulk has a set of legal steroids that I trust can help with getting fit, ripped and built. I have also reviewed multiple Legal Steroids, with my favorite fat burner being Clenbutrol.

So, yes, you should consider supplements to enhance your workouts and get ripped in a month. 

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Who Should Consider Getting Ripped In A Month?

The final question to complete this guide targets who should and shouldn’t try this fitness challenge.

First off, I would advise you to talk to your doctor and get the green light from him/her.

After this, ask yourself if there is a specific need to set the duration of the workout to one month? If there is a good reason, then you should go ahead and plan accordingly.

However, if you can, I recommend increasing the duration for 3 to 4 months as this is more easily achievable for most people and it also causes less of a strain on the body.

One thing to remember when considering this challenge is your current fitness level as if you already have a low fat percentage, it will be easier to get ripped faster. However, if your fat percentage is high, it may take a little longer to burn off the fat covering your muscles.

Gender also doesn’t affect those who want to get ripped as fat and weight loss works similarly for men and women. Age, however, should be considered when thinking of getting ripped in a month.

Usually, younger men and women find it easier to get shredded when compared to those who have already passed their prime into their 40s and 50s. However, with the right determination, desire, and drive, anyone can enjoy getting ripped within a month.


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