How To Get Abs Fast & Easy – Simple Yet Effective Diet & Workout

According to a majority of men and women who work out and exercise, the body part they wish would be perfect, ripped and sexy is the abdominal muscles. I also remember stepping into a gym for the first time and daydreaming about the time I get rid of my flabby stomach and replace it with a totally ripped set of six pack abs.

However, the reality is not always so easy to please as even after four years of going to the gym, I have yet to achieve the well-defined set of abs we all want.

Abs Workout

My lack of six-pack is the reason I decided to find out more about this elusive achievement that many are seeking. This article is a compilation of all the information I found and also contains some of my recommendations and suggestions regarding exercises, diet and bodybuilding aids I think may help me get ripped. This can help someone who wants to know how to get abs fast.

Don’t Get Lost In The Sea Of Misinformation:

In just the first 5 minutes of research into how to get abs fast, I found myself reading contradictory advice and realized why I have been unable to reach my core-body goals yet. The market is full of rip-offs who just want to sell some crappy pills and equipment that never work!!!

Also, following the wrong set of instructions and advice while exercising and working out has prevented me from maximizing my workouts to get those six-pack abs faster.

While most people are not out to get you, it is best to get your information from someone who has done their research on the subject or has already achieved the fabled six-pack.

According to the information I gathered, the majority of people who are writing articles about six-packs and trying to guide our workouts are people who have never lifted a set of dumbbells in their lives and are regurgitating information they copied from somewhere else.

But, if we listen to these people, we have no one to blame but ourselves for being unable to get our stomachs flat like a washboard and building our chiseled six-packs. While I learned this the hard way, you should stay vigilant against people who give you evidence without trying it out themselves.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s get down to the meat of things with ‘How to get six or even eight-pack abs?’

Science Based On Six Pack Abs

So how to get abs fast?

Before we talk about the different steps that we should be taking to get a six-pack, let’s understand what these set of muscles are about and how they are formed.

At first, I was under the assumption that abs are just one big muscle. I was wrong! Abs are made of a number of muscles that make up the ‘core’ muscle group of our body. However, the most prominent one is the Rectus Abdominis.

The Rectus Abdominis is what most people refer to as the abs and is a long muscular strap that starts from your lower ribs to the pubic bone and is divided by three or more fibrous bands known as tendinous intersections.

Six Pack Abs Photo

You might have noticed how some men and women have a perfect set of six-pack abs, some have 8-pack abs, while others have some asymmetrical abs set.

This is not because they didn’t work out hard enough or incorrectly. Your genetics, not your exercises define the shape of your abs. Your workout will only make your Rectus Abdominis visible and better defined, not change the shape of your abs.

Other than the Rectus Abdominis, the other muscles that make up the abs include the Obliques, Transversus abdominis (also known as TVA) and Serratus.

  • The External oblique muscle is responsible for pulling the chest downwards as well as compressing the abdominal cavity. It allows you to rotate your trunk and perform ipsilateral side-bending. It is also an important muscle to train and one that gives your bulging Rectus Abdominis a solid frame.
  • The Internal oblique muscles are similar to the external oblique muscle, but it rotates ipsilaterally. This muscle is located below the external oblique muscle and above the Transversus abdominis muscle.
  • The Transversus abdominis is a thin sheet of muscle that runs horizontally and helps stabilize the lumbar spine and pelvis before any movement. Strengthening this muscle allows for a narrower and flatter set of abs.
  • The Serratus anterior is a muscle that runs along the 1st to 8th ribs on the side of the chest and is responsible for protracting the scapula which is the muscle boxers use to throw punches.

Ok, that was some science for you to know the abs muscles.
In my journey of getting those abs fast, I experienced that the most and only important factors that are of utmost importance are – Diet & Workout.

Yes, Both! It cannot be just the diet or just the workout!

Bonus Tip – Fat burning pills will help you achieve your six pack abs goal faster. I’ve used a few and currently use one that worked for me. More on that later… 

Six Pack Abs Diet:

‘You Are What You Eat’ is possibly the most accurate statement ever made for me. This is because I have personally experienced how my body and health changes with my diet habits, meal plan, and choices.

For example, there was a time when pizza and cola were my staple foods for almost a year. This really affected my health and well-being negatively. I remember being tired and lethargic all the time while also being demotivated and depressed. It got so bad that I would not even leave the house for days.

This had to stop!! I finally decided to lose my weight and one thing stuck in my mind…

One most important thing that I learned here is that if I want to get abs fast, I need to get my diet choices back on track. Here are a few rules I learned about the diet that should be followed to get those abs quickly in less time. These are very simple and easy to follow rules.

  • Eat Protein: Lean protein is not just the source of your muscles. It also helps with fat burn as it has the highest thermogenic factor of all the macronutrients in the body.
  • Eat Some Healthy Fats: Healthy fats like monounsaturated fats from fish oil, olive oil, and raw nuts can help stabilize insulin levels which help burn the fat you have over your abs.
  • Eat Carbs After Your Workouts: Not all carbs are bad and eating healthy carbs like oatmeal, and brown rice is more likely to be converted into energy instead of fat when consumed after your workout.
  • Eat A Balanced Diet: Don’t go to extremes like with a low-fat diet or a super calorie deficient diet. A well balanced will always help to get those six pack abs along with a better overall physique.

Six Pack Abs Diet

Bonus Tip  – Premade meal plans work and they can help make your food choices easier. Of the tens of diets I have researched, I found 15 Day Plan to be one of the most effective at getting abs faster while also being easy to follow with tasty choices. Get that diet plan if you are ready to spend some dollars and get a six pack in quick time frame

Fat Burn Is Very Important To Get Abs Faster:

While diets & meal plans are essential in getting a slim, trim and ripped figure, you will also need to get rid of the fat that is covering up the abs so that the six-pack abs can be easily seen.

When it comes to fat burn, you should consider mild cardio for longer durations. Nowadays, High Intensity Interval Training is also proving beneficial for rapid weight loss.

While I am not one who has tried HIIT, the science behind this workout technique is solid and no reason for me to deny its effectiveness. Many people also prefer to take dietary supplements that improve their fat burn and suppress their appetites.

Bonus Tip – Pills with Garcinia Cambogia are said to be effective at suppressing the appetite and hunger urges. But, it’s the legal steroids like Clenbutrol that take the cake when it comes to fat burn. These 100% safe and legal steroids enhance the body’s fat burn mechanism and activate thermogenesis for intense but safe fat burn.

Six Pack Abs Workout:

Getting rid of body fat will help in getting abs faster, but its the workout that will shape up your abs to get that perfect six pack or an eight pack. If your muscles aren’t developed enough, they won’t look well-defined, no matter how much fat you get rid of.

So, to get a sexy set of abs, work out your core muscles as well as the rest of the body. Exercise the core with these workouts. Again, no fancy stuff and no expensive machines needed. These simple workouts can help you get abs fast:



Keep your forearms on the floor and your toes on the ground. Now lift up the core and thighs from the floor and hold your body straight like a plant for as long as you can. This works and strengthens your core muscles, Glutes, back and thigh muscles.

Bicycle Crunch

Perform a pedaling motion with your legs in the air when lying on your back on a yoga mat. This helps target the sides of the abs for a well-defined six-pack.

Reverse Crunch

This is like a normal crunch, but instead of being on the floor, your feet are in the air. They should be brought up to the head while you move up for the reverse crunch.

Is It Really Possible To Get Abs Fast?

Well, this is a fitting question to end this article on, isn’t it? After all, if we are going to go through the effort of picking a diet plan, workout plan and are willing to go to the gym every morning, we should know if getting abs faster is actually possible for us instead of being a fantasy.

This was a big reason as to why I started working out in the first place. What I found was that while it is difficult for most people to get those six-pack abs fast, it’s quite possible with the right exercises, diet plan, and fat loss regime and discipline.

However, it should be noted that maintaining a well-defined set of abs is going to be difficult in the long run as the core is the first place most people accumulate fat. Meaning that if you eat an ice cream tonight, your abs will probably look less defined by morning.


Yes! It is possible to get those abs fast. You can get those six packs or even eight packs with the right kind of diet and exercise. Fat burners & legal steroids will definitely speed up the process if you choose the right ones.

But the one thing that can help you achieve this feat is – Discipline! Getting those abs quickly is easy but following the right diet by avoiding whats not good can be tough for some people. Being a foodie, it was tough for me at the start. But just a week later, things started looking easy and I am seeing great results.

Proper discipline, diet plan, workout and fat burning pills are definitely helping me reach my bodybuilding goals fast.

I wish you good luck with your goals!!


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