ZZ Snore Review: Patented Anti-Snoring Nasal Spray

Just released in the United States, ZZ Snore is a nasal spray remedy for snoring. This nasal spray has achieved success in Europe for over 20 years under the brand name, Asonor. This ZZ Snore review will take a look at this clinically tested nasal spray system.

We will find out if it’s worth the price and if it can help us stop snoring and sleep better.

ZZ Snore Review

ZZ Snore nasal spray is only available online from their official website and should shortly be available in stores.

As an exclusive launch deal, the manufacturers are allowing a lower price per bottle for those who subscribe monthly. More details on this at the end of this ZZ Snore review.

Why Are Snore Sprays The Most Popular Method To Stop Snoring?

There are a few snore sprays available online that are more popular than the traditional methods of combating snoring. These include chinstraps, nasal dilators, tongue retaining devices, mouthpieces, nasal strips, and anti-snoring machines.

As compared to other methods, ZZ Snore Nasal Spray is more popular due to its ease of use. Other anti-snoring devices are troublesome to use and come with disadvantages like:

  • The devices look ugly and unattractive when worn
  • Jaw pain caused because of a chinstrap or mouthpiece
  • The devices can dislodge from the month while sleeping
  • Discomfort to some users who have certain dental conditions
  • The devices are often uncomfortable to wear throughout the night

What Is ZZ Snore?

ZZ Snore is a nasal spray that helps reduce and eliminate snoring during sleep. It makes use of a clinically tested proprietary formula that works to tighten the throat muscles and lubricate the esophagus. Thus, allowing for uninterrupted airways and no snoring.

In Europe, ZZ Snore Spray has been popular for over 20 years and has now entered the US market. New exclusive deals have also been introduced for people in US.

While not the cheapest in the lineup, it seems to give some of the best benefits for its users.

What Are The Proprietary ZZ Snore Ingredients?

ZZ Snore Nasal Spray is made with its very own patented proprietary formula.

The formula has been registered with the FDA and clinically tested to prove the effectiveness.

The list of ingredients in ZZ Snore includes the following:

  • Sodium chloride
  • Glycerol
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Edetate sodium
  • Potassium sorbate
  • HPW (pH adjusted and according to pH EUR)

These ingredients are formulated into the form of a concentrated solution that only requires a few drops per treatment. One 30 ml bottle gets you a 30-day supply of around 25-30 treatments.

How Does This Nasal Spray For Snoring Work?

This nasal spray works in a simple manner to eliminate the cause of snoring for most users. The liquid lubricates the throat and tightens the throat tissue for improved airflow to and from the lungs.

The manufacturers are quite confident with the effectiveness of this nasal spray.

You get a 60-day money-back guarantee that activates if you don’t stop snoring within a reasonable period.

advantages of zz snore

What Do The Manufacturers Say About ZZ Snore Side Effects?

The manufacturer’s website claims that no adverse effects were found during the clinical tests conducted.

I always find it difficult to fully trust information on the manufacturer’s website. So, I checked independent reviews and testimonials from users. Here, I found no mention of this product causing side effects.

Who Can Use This Snore Stop Spray?

There are some nasal sprays for snoring that contain ingredients that can cause drowsiness which can require a doctor’s prescription. For ZZ Snore, no prescription is needed as you can directly order the product from the manufacturer’s site.

Most adults can use anti-snore sprays without issue, but it’s always better to consult the doctor before starting any new medication, especially if you have breathing problems like sleep apnea.

ZZ Snore Testimonials

How To Use ZZ Snore Nasal Spray?

This product comes with a unique delivery system. It pumps raindrop-sized drops into the throat via the nasal passages. This helps lubricate the throat and eliminate your snoring.

To use this nasal spray, take 4-6 pumps per nostril every night before sleeping. You may require a few pumps to feel the solution reaching your throat.

Each bottle comes with 30 ml which can be enough for 25-30 days of daily use.

What Is The Cost Of Buying ZZ Snore?

This ZZ Snore review would be incomplete without mentioning the price. However, you should know that it’s currently only available to US residents via their official website.

To build brand recognition, you have to option to pick between two deals.

The two online deals for ZZ Snore Nasal Spray are:

  • One-time purchase of 1 bottle for USD 39.95
  • Monthly subscription of 1 bottle per month for USD 29.95/month

Both deals come with a shipping and handling fee of USD 4.95 per order.

Buy ZZ Snore

Pros To Buying ZZ Snore Spray:

  • Clinically proven snore spray
  • Patented proprietary formula
  • Natural ingredients used
  • No side effects
  • Comes with a 25% discount for subscriptions

Cons To Buying ZZ Snore Spray:

  • Only available from the manufacturer’s website
  • Not the lowest price when compared to other nasal sprays

My Recommendation To Conclude This ZZ Snore Review:

I have provided a comprehensive list of ingredients, side effects, pros, and cons in this ZZ Snore review.

Going from the experiences of previous users, this product provides effective anti-snoring benefits and zero side effects.

Better yet, there is no need for a prescription. You can use it every day without expecting any problems.

Overall, the price is not the lowest and it’s only available online. However, I still recommend ZZ Snore as a quality anti-snoring spray which has been clinically proven to work.

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