Zotrim Review 2023 : Herbal Supplement For Weight Loss

According to a study, one in three American adults is suffering from obesity (1). Obesity is a significant concern and is linked to many chronic diseases like Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cancer (2).

In the market, you may find various medicinal drugs and weight loss supplements for obesity. But one major concern regarding the drugs is their side effects.

So to lose weight naturally and with the help of herbal ingredients, Zotrim Pills might be an excellent option.

Zotrim Review


  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Works as Appetite Suppressant
  • Helps to Burn Body Fat
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Gives the Satisfaction of Fullness

What is Zotrim?

Zotrim is one of the few weight loss supplements formulated from natural plant extracts. If you are looking for a natural way to lose weight, then Zotrim might be for you.

Also, you don’t need any particular diet plan while taking the course.

This weight loss supplement comes in the form of a tablet and a drink. Both the products are identical, but Zotrim Plus Drink is said to be highly beneficial as compared to Zotrim Tablet. This is due to the Inulin present in the drink.

Manufacturer Info:

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All products are made in FDA approved facilities.

How Zotrim Works?

Zotrim is designed to help take control of your eating habits and to reduce your food intake. It does this by making you feel fuller more quickly and keeping your appetite satisfied for long.

Zotrim will help you to eat less during meals and resist the temptation to snack. Less eating results in calorie restriction and helps to burn more fat from the body.

Zotrim helps to keep you away from snacks so that you can have a healthy lifestyle and improve your eating habits.

It is one of the few weight loss supplements which doesn’t need any special diet or eating habits. People taking Zotrim have lost weight up to ten times more as compared to those taking a placebo.

The three plant extracts used in Zotrim are also well known for their stimulating properties, which will increase your energy levels and help you to burn more calories.

Ingredients of Zotrim

  • Yerba Matte – Leaf Extract
  • Guarana – Seed Extract
  • Damiana – Leaf Extract
  • Vitamin B3, B6
  • Caffeine
  • Inulin

Let’s look at each of the ingredients in detail.

Yerba Matte – Leaf Extract

Yerba Matte

In South America, people use Yerba Matte leaf extract to reduce hunger and fatigue.

The antioxidant power of Yerba Matte leaf extract is higher than green tea (3).

Yerba Matte reduces appetite and boosts metabolism, which further helps in losing weight(4).

During a 12 Week program, it has been found that those given 3 grams of yerba mate leaf extract powder per day have lost an average of 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg).

They also reduced their waist-to-hip body by 2 % which shows a loss in belly fat (5).

Guarana – Seed Extract

guarana seeds

Just like yerba mate, guarana seed extract powder also contains some antioxidant compounds.

These compounds include caffeine, tannins, saponins, catechins and theobromine (6, 7, 8).

The guarana seed extract is a rich source of caffeine which boosts your metabolism by 3% – 11%. Due to faster metabolism, calories burn more at rest (9).

Test-Tube studies also found that Guarana seed extract powder can suppress genes that aid fat cell and promotes the production of genes that slow it down(10, 11).

For centuries, guarana seed extract powder is widely used to treat digestive problems like constipation and chronic diarrhoea.

As guarana is a rich source of caffeine, it comes with the advantage of acting as a laxative.

Caffeine stimulates peristalsis which activates contractions in the muscles of the intestines and colon. This helps in constipation by pushing stool to the rectum (12)

Damiana – Leaf Extract

damania extract powder

Damiana leaf extract is widely known as a weight-loss tool.

A study conducted in 2013 found that providing herbal formula of Damiana, Yerba Mate, and Guarana, along with insulin based soluble, fermentable fibre just 15 minutes before a meal can significantly reduce the amount of food intake by volume compared to placebo.

Traditionally, damiana leaf extract powder is used for urinary and bladder related issues. Damiana is also known as an aphrodisiac due to its health benefits.


Added caffeine in Zotrim gives strength and energy, as well as increases alertness and concentration levels.

This makes us physically active and thus helps in weight loss. Caffeine is also known for its stimulant effect and energy boost.

Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6

Both Zotrim tablets and drinks contain Vitamins B3 and B6.

Niacin is commonly known as B3 and is a vital nutrient. Every part of our body needs vitamin B3 to function correctly.

As a supplement, vitamin B3 helps to regulate cholesterol in our body and also eases arthritis and boosts brain function.

Vitamin B3 helps in regulating digestion, which promotes a healthy appetite. B3 helps in the proper functioning of various digestive tracts, which includes the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates.

B6 is also known as pyridoxine. Vitamin B6 is significant to protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism and the creation of red blood cells and neurotransmitters. Our body cannot produce Vitamin B6, so we have to consume it through food or supplements.


Inulin only comes with Zotrim Plus Shake. It works as a Nutritional Powerhouse. Inulin is high in fibre and low in calories.

Fibre is a type of carbohydrate that the body does not digest. It moves through the tract of the intestine to serve as food to the bacteria residing there.

Fibre present in Inulin easily dissolves in water. Further, it dissolves in the stomach and forms a glutinous substance that slows digestion and makes us feel full.

Benefits of Zotrim:

If you want to see better results, you have to take the course as per the guidelines prescribed by the company.

You have to take 2-3 pills before meals; you can take a maximum of 9 pills per day.

You can also go for a combo pack (Tablet + Drink Mix) for better results. If you follow guidelines, then you may see a miracle happening with your body.

Many customers get the result within weeks. It may take quite a long time for others as it varies from person to person.

Taking Zotrim makes you eat less and consume fewer calories. It also gives the satisfaction of fullness to your tummy.

You may notice a decrease in unnecessarily craving junk food. Now you are eating less; still, you get the satisfaction of fullness, and you don’t need to eat snacks or junk food as you were taking before.

Bonus Tip To lose weight quickly:

  • Do exercise daily (Jogging, Running, Pushups, and other simple workouts)
  • Eat healthy food
  • Avoid eating junk food

Is Zotrim Safe?

Although Zotrim is prepared methodically by using herbal extracts, it is not recommended for:

  • Kids under 18 years old
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies
  • A person sensitive to caffeine
  • If you are currently taking any medication

Zotrim is prepared from the herbal ingredients. Therefore there are no serious or major side effects of this weight loss supplement.

But for some, it may cause problems for such who have over-sensitivity towards caffeine.

Take Zotrim tablets only before meals. It is advised that you don’t ingest tablets in the evening as it may cause insomnia, restlessness, and similar issues. This may occur due to the presence of caffeine in tablets.

If you are already on medications then you strictly avoid taking tablets. Teenagers must stay away from tablets, but they can prefer Zotrim Plus Drink for weight loss.

Parents must take advice from their respective doctors or physicians before introducing such shakes to their kids.

You must also take into consideration that Zotrim Tablets and Zotrim Plus shake contains caffeine, caffeine is well known for causing problems to people having Heart Disease and Hypertension and suffering due to High Blood Pressure.

Zotrim Reviews:

People who have bought Zotrim have posted some reviews about it on the official website and on Amazon Marketplace.

This weight loss supplement has worked for its buyers. For some buyers, it has proven to be a boon. Some are calling it a miracle pill.

Here is the screenshot of some buyers from Amazon who purchased the product online.

zotrim review

People have mentioned that they were able to see the results in just 3-4 weeks.  As stated, people feel less hungry, energetic & got alertness in their job.

Below are some reviews from the official Zotrim website:

Zotrim Success Story

To read more success stories on the official website of Zotrim click here.

Zotrim Dosage:

The best way to take Zotrim pills is to take 2 – 3 tablets with a full glass of water just 15-30 minutes before taking your meal. Do not take more than 9 pills in a day.

Where To Buy Zotrim?

To buy this weight loss supplement, you have to visit the official website of Zotrim. It is not available at offline retail stores.

Steps are distinct from placing an order for your Zotrim. Just choose the combo and add it cart. Fill in all the details regarding the order and pay the amount.

You can pay through your credit/debit card or even with your PayPal account.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the product,  you can return the product within 60 days. The company provides a 60 Day money-back guarantee. To do so, you just have to return the product with original boxes and bottles in unused condition and ship them to them within 67 days from the delivery date. The company will provide you 100% refund on your returned product.


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