Zeta White Cream: Natural Skin Whitening Solution

This article will look into Zeta White Cream and its accompanying skincare kit to see if it’s worth buying.

So, along with the final verdict, the article will include its pros, cons, benefits, features, usage instructions, and exclusive deals.

Zeta White Cream

There are various factors which tend to influence the appearance of the skin.

One of the common complaints among women is that their skin is not bright enough.

They state that the skin is dull and damaged which makes them feel that they look ugly and unattractive.

This often leads to becoming a cause of stress because using most skincare products are ineffective against this problem.

Thankfully there are alternative options which help well to brighten your skin quickly and safely.

Zeta White Cream is a skin whiting product that reduces the dullness and dark spots from the skin.

It works naturally and does not cause any side effects to your skin.

Zeta White Cream:

The Zeta White skincare kit comes in three products:

  1. Zeta White Face Wash
  2. Zeta White Lightening Moisturiser
  3. And Zeta White Lightening Night Cream

When used together, the three products naturally whiten the skin tone and brighten your skin complexion.

Zeta White is a powerful yet gentle skin whitening product.

It’s considered a safe option when compared to various other products that contain harsh chemical bleaching agents.

This skin whitening product is created using a top-notch formula using safe and natural ingredients.

These ingredients are clearly mentioned on the official site and bottle label.

They have also been hand-picked by experts to give you effective skin lightening results.

The ingredients have a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin while naturally reducing melanin production.

These factors work together to brighten your skin naturally.

How Does Zeta White Cream Work?

A common cause of dull skin is sun exposure which leads to increasing the pigment melanin.

When the pigment melanin production is stimulated, it leads to darkening and pigmentation of the skin.

Zeta White Cream contains natural skin lightening compounds that inhibit the production of melanin.

This results in helping to whiten your skin tone without needing any bleaching agents.

Zeta White 3-Point System:

The 3-point system from Zeta White is focused on whitening the skin naturally and without any side effects.

However, you don’t need to order the full set to see the results. You can pick the product you want most and still see results.

Of course, to get the best results in the shortest timeframe, you are recommended to use the three-point system regularly.

So, Zeta White three-point system contains:

Zeta White Face Wash:

This face wash contains an enzyme-rich papaya extract.

It has natural skin lightening properties and also contains lemon extract which helps to reduce the melanin production.

It’s recommended to use it in the mornings and evenings for clean and clear skin.

This process proves to work as a foundation toward getting a brighter skin.

It also works like a regular face wash which helps clean your pores and remove debris.

Zeta White Lightening Moisturiser:

This daily moisturizer contains Liquorice extract which brightens your skin while acting as a natural sunscreen.

It works as a protective covering for your skin against the harsh sun rays. You should see positive results with daily use.

Along with the melanin suppressing ingredients, it also helps hydrate the skin while improving skin health.

If there is one Zeta White product you should buy, it’s this one.

Zeta White Lightening Night Cream:

This night cream will help you revitalize your skin as you sleep.

It contains ingredients like Allantoin that counter skin inflammation and improve skin cell regeneration.

This eliminates the dead cells of your skin thus making way for the growth of new lighter skin.

This also works like other night creams in the market as it helps rejuvenate the skin health.

It also counters the effects of oxidative stress for glowing skin.

Zeta White Benefits:

  • Helps brighten the skin
  • Combats uneven skin tone
  • Provides anti-aging benefits
  • Lightens dark spots
  • Counters skin redness
  • Increases skin moisture levels
  • Gives supple and firm skin
  • Counters dull and lackluster skin
  • Helps freshen the skin

Who Can Benefit From Zeta White Cream?

Both men and women can enjoy the skin lightening benefits of this cream. Your age also doesn’t matter as long as you are over 18.

However, regular use is recommended for long-term results. And unlike bleaching products, regular use will not cause any problems.


Zeta White Cream User Review

Some people should talk to a dermatologist before using Zeta White:

  • Children (under 18s)
  • People who have serious skin problems
  • People with open wounds on their skin
  • Those who are on prescription medication for skin issues
  • Women who are nursing/pregnant


Wolfson Berg Ltd. is the manufacturer of this product. The Cyprus-based company is well-known in the supplement industry and has produced several quality products over the years.

The manufacturer of Zeta White can be contacted via:

  • Postal Address: Wolfson Berg Limited, Archiep. Makariou III, 124 Joc Business Center, Kiti, 7550, Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Email: support@zetawhite.com
  • Phone: +1 646 652 0495
  • Chat: On the official site

How To Use Zeta White?

This hot selling solution is easy to use the at-home product.

The steps for using Zeta White are:

  1. Commence your day by washing your face with the Face Wash. This helps to create a clean slate for the lightening moisturiser to work on.
  2. Apply the Lightening Moisturiser to your skin liberally. Massage the cream until its fully absorbed by the skin. You can also apply makeup after this.
  3. At evening cleanse your face again with the Face Wash and apply the Night Cream before sleeping. This cream will help rehydrate the skin and speed up the lightening process while you rest.

How Fast Does This Cream Work?

The manufacturer’s website claims that it’s possible to get visibly lighter skin in 2-4 weeks with Zeta White.

But it is difficult to guarantee that this will be the same for everyone. The factors that affect the results include previous skin damage and initial pigmentation depth.

For some, it may be indeed possible to get lighter skin in 2 weeks. However, some may require using the product for 2-3 months to see the same results.

When checking online user reviews, the average time it takes to see results seems to a few weeks.

Zeta White Results

How Long Can A Single Bottle Last?

The makers have designed this skin lightning solution with regular use in mind. So, each bottle should last for 4-6 weeks.

If you use the cream liberally, the bottle may not last even four weeks. However, if you use it sparsely, a single bottle may last for over six weeks.

Where To Buy Zeta White?

For those with Amazon Prime membership, you may be disappointed to know it’s only available on the manufacturer’s site.

But as a concession, all orders placed on this site come with Free Worldwide Shipping.

The cost of Zeta White Cream and the 3-point system:

  • 3-Point System for Zeta White costs $147.06 / £114.95 / 129.49€
  • Zeta White Lightening Face Wash, Moisturiser, or Night Cream costs $48.55 / £37.95 / 42.75€ ea.

How To Get A 12-Month Supply Of Zeta White?

NOTE: The official website has just presented a new offer for users of Zeta White.

This offer only requires you to send yours before and after pictures to the manufacturer. Here, you enter a draw to see if your pictures are selected to be featured on the official site.

If your pictures are selected, you get a 12-month supply of Zeta White absolutely free.

Refund / Money-Back Guarantee:

Only manufacturers who are confident with the performance of their products have a robust refund policy.

Wolfson Berg Limited is one such supplement maker. Who provides a 100% money-back guarantee (minus S/H fee).

This means that if you don’t like the product or its results, you can ask for a full refund. Of course, you need to send your before/after pictures to prove that the product didn’t work.


The advantages/pros we liked about Zeta White:

  • Naturally lightens skin tone
  • Improves skin health
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 95% of organic ingredients
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Contains no chemicals, toxins, binders, or fillers
  • Ingredients backed by clinical studies
  • Popular with users around the world
  • 24/7 acting product
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Designed by a well-reputed maker


The disadvantages/cons we didn’t like about Zeta White:

  • Not cheap at $147.06 for the whole kit
  • Only available on the official site


Regular use of this Skin Lightening Solution should give you refreshed, rejuvenated and lighter skin. It’s a solution to achieve a fairer looking skin.

It is a 3-point lighting system which comes in a set of 3. This product comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Men can also use this product.

Moreover, if you buy the 3-point System, you get a bottle of Zeta White Face Wash absolutely free.

Furthermore, sending your before/after pics to the manufacturer can get you a 12-month supply of Zeta White FREE.

So, if you are serious about getting lighter skin, you should buy Zeta White Cream.

Buy Zeta White

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