You Have Been Sneezing The Wrong Way All Your Life

A sneeze is one such natural phenomenon that embarrasses you in unwanted places like in the middle of an important meeting, important functions and even during your intimate time. People have different ways to welcome their sneeze.

Some have the loudest celebration while some have the longest greetings. A sneeze can be termed both safe and harmful. Many cases of flu are transmitted through sniffle which can connect and affect people easily.

Studies have shown that sneezing is safe and healthy too; it can help clear, eradicate bacteria and viruses present in our nose (1). As weird as they are, sneeze also has some unusual, surprising facts that we were never aware of.

Sneeze Carefully

The Most Surprising Facts About Sneezing That We Never Knew Are:

  • They Are Quick: Scientists have proved that sneeze can travel for about 100 miles per hour releasing 100,000 germs in the air. This is why flu can infect so many people quickly.
  • You Don’t Sneeze While You Are In Sleep: Yes, that’s right! While you are getting relaxed by sleeping, your sneeze nerves also rest which leads to no disturbance while sleeping.
  • Sneeze Can Develop Produce 40,000 Droplets In One Go: Studies show that while you sneeze, you tend to throw 40,000 saliva droplets out of your body which can travel up to 5 feet (2).
  • You Can Stop The Urge To Sneeze: Seriously? That is true. Many a time, we have done this to avoid unnecessary disturbance around us, even unconsciously too!
  • Bless You: We usually say when someone around us had a good ‘Achoo’. Why? A lot of people say that, while we sneeze our heart skips a beat and that would result in major heart stroke or attack. But, what! That’s not true.

What Makes You Sneeze?

We usually find that good things often have the weird way to come to you, so is the sneeze. Who likes to be healthy making their palms sticky and wet?

But that’s one of the body’s definitions of healthy functioning. Wheezing is known to play a vital part in our immune system processes and functioning because it protects our body from various infections.

But ever wondered, what and how does body releases sneezes? Thanks to our brain which helps us with this phenomenon.

Sneezes cause a few reflex actions

When something enters through our nose, a trigger is sent to the ‘sneeze centre’ in our brain which immediately sends the signal to our specific body parts to work accordingly. Brain signals our reflexes to close our eyes tightly, so is to our throat and mouth. Secondly, the chest muscles contract with full power and then the throat muscle quickly relaxes. For the final stage, air along with saliva is forcefully thrown out through mediums such as mouth and nose.

Best Ways To Cover Your Mouth:

  • Goodbye Handkerchiefs:
    A handkerchief is known to be helpful to us with end number of things which also includes the sneeze splatter of saliva. A handkerchief is one such place to find numerous germs collected and stored. Instead, getting more into the cockpit with more problems, it’s advised to use good quality tissues while you sneeze that can protect and prevent germs from getting in contact with you and your surroundings.
  • Say No To Palms:
    Typically followed, palms are one of the main reasons why we get infected with different problems. To rid off from the germs collected in palms through sneezing is to clean our hands properly, if possible with soap or hand wash.
  • Cover Nose and Mouth With Tissue:
    People unconsciously never cover their nose while giving a good shot, unknown to the fact that the germs and bacteria exit from nose too. People usually cover their mouth with the tissue but ends up spreads some contagious germs to the people around.
  • Cover Your Face With Your Elbow:
    How you cover your sneeze is the most important point when it comes to sneezing etiquette. This is because when you sneeze into your hand, your germs can be transferred to any person or item your hand comes in contact with. So, to prevent the spread of germs or the flu, it is now common practice to cover your face with your elbow bend when you have to sneeze.  This position is also called the Dracula cough.

Always Sneeze Into Your Elbow


It is essential that you have a healthy sneeze that would regulate the good functioning of your body. But you have the urge to sneeze, grab a tissue and throw it away.

Which is why we advise you to keep tissues with you every time you step out of your house. And if you don’t have enough time to get a tissue, use your elbow instead of your hands as this will prevent the spread of any germs.

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