Women Who Wear High Heels Might Have Bone Health Issues

For a woman, wearing high heels for a long time might cause problems with her bones. A new survey said that high heels could hurt the back and also lead to osteoporosis.

Over 500 women were surveyed at Max Healthcare. They were all 20 to 45 years old.

high heels may cause bone problems

A survey has shown that 48.5% of women wear high heels regularly or on the weekends for social gatherings. High heels, when worn often, can make your back hurt, your toes hurt, and also can cause pain in the joints of your ankle or knee.

“Women’s high heels can cause the spine to bend in a way that makes it hurt. High heels put the ankle at an angle which is not good for your foot. It also makes your feet hurt.”

The survey found that 37.5% of 20-30-year-old women wear high heels every day and 43.7% of working women wear high heels every day.

“In many cases, the big toe becomes deformed and sometimes requires surgery to correct. Regular use of high heels might also lead to early osteoporosis and permanent backache.” Marya said.

Therefore, women should only wear high heels on rare occasions. It is best to go for shoes that you can walk in if you want to wear them every day.

The survey also found that over 50% of women do not focus on their daily posture and are ruining their bone health in the process.

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