What is a Calisthenic workout?

Basic exercises for calisthenics which involve bending, swinging , pulling, pushing using the body weight that focus on large muscle groups and provide fitness and flexibility.

Despite what you may have been lead to believe, you do NOT need a gym membership or expensive equipment to build the muscle definition that you’ve always wanted but could never afford.

Why not just lift weights like everyone else?

Well, not everybody has the same goals. Lifting weights trains your muscles to have explosive force, which is great if that is what you want. Calisthenics, on the other hand, trains your muscles for endurance.

What are your fitness goals? Do you want to get better at sports? If you want a bulky physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger then you need a gym but if you want strength and aesthetic physique like that of Bruce Lee than you need Calisthenics.

Calisthenics is just not about being bulky, but it is about getting true strength. That is why it involves rock hard workout. These exercises look very simple but need ample of pushing and pulling and great strength.

One-Handed Push-ups

One-Handed Push-ups

So you want to learn how to do a one-handed push-up? That’s awesome! One-handed push-ups are KILLER tricep bodyweight workouts.

Before you can do one-handed push-ups though, you’ll need to master Perfect From Push-Ups. By master, I mean you should be able to do at least 3 sets of 30, and/or 50-100 consecutive push-ups with good form.

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Finally, when you will gather strength, you will be able to perform a one-handed pushup.

One-legged -Bodyweight squats

One-legged -Bodyweight squats

The squat is one of the easiest bodyweight exercises you can do. But one-legged bodyweight squats may change this opinion. They are not-so-easy to perform, and due to the nature of the exercise, it can burn calories faster than most other bodyweight exercises.



My goal for this site is to make it a easy-to-understand, one stop shop for all of your body-weight workout/calisthenic needs, I want people to know that reaching your fitness goals doesn’t mean you need to break your bank.

Let’s get started, crunches are easy to master, and like the other bodyweight exercises I’ve gone over, I have a lot of variations with varying intensity and different targeted muscle groups.

The most important thing is in Basic exercises for calisthenics is keeping your back straight, your core tight, and your hands stationary. You can have your hands straight up in front of you, or crossed on your chest, but wherever you choose to have them, keep them there. By moving your hands, you’re shifting your center of gravity and will make it too easy on yourself.

If you can’t do a crunch yet, you can build your core using plank and running. Remember that if it’s hard to do, you’re working your muscles and forcing them to adapt. It shouldn’t be long before you’ll be able to bust out a few full crunches, and from there it’s all uphill.



Handstands are easy until worked out. Handstands build you a beast. They work on neck, shoulders, back, abs, and also directs the blood flow to the brain that refreshes ♻ the mind. Here is a video that can help you perform a handstand in no time.

In advance calisthenics, you will learn handstand variations like handstand pushup, single-hand handstand, two fingers handstand, etc.


Muscle-up Exercise



To be able to do this you need to master pull-ups.
They are done on bars or gymnasts rings.

Now the steps:

  • Face the palm opposite to your face. Hold the grip to the bar firmly.
  • Swing your body on the bar. Pull your body up; apply a sudden pull to come on the top of the bar with whole weight on the arms.
  • Swing down the bar.

Muscle-up focuses on abs, back, shoulders, arms, thighs, pecs, chest, and wings.
Muscle-ups are hard to perform, that’s why the world record for most consecutive muscle up on bar is 26 reps. Yeah, you can beat that if you regularly practice.

I have typed 5 calisthenic exercises that can be mastered each in 2 months. By just these exercises, you would have built a strong charming aesthetic body that you always dreamt of. Advance calisthenics, we’ll be putting in our upcoming posts.

These are the basic exercises for calisthenics.

⚠Keep your fitness goals in mind at all times and strive to reach them. Don’t think “I can’t do it”, instead, think “I can’t do it yet, but if I keep trying, I’ll soon be able to”.🏆

Again I’d like to ask, if anybody has any topics they want me to cover, just leave it in the comments.

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