Weight Fluctuation: Is It Normal To Lose Weight Day By Day?

If you want to lose weight, your instinct might be to weigh yourself every day and hope that the number is lower. But that would not mean anything.

Weight can fluctuate from one day to another, and it does not mean anything. If you are worried about this, then read ahead! I will explain what weight fluctuation means.

Why Does Weight Fluctuate?

Many people can’t eat enough in 2 days to gain 5 pounds of weight. If you notice a lot of weight gain, it’s probably due to water. Weight fluctuates because of many different reasons.

Exercise helps you keep your weight up and keep it from going down too much.

When you eat, drink, urinate, or have a bowel movement, you can change the way your body is. The way the food you eat and the liquids enter your body can change it too.

If they are high in salt or carbs, then it will make you heavier. Exercise can also cause temporary changes in weight and water. It might seem not very clear, but that’s ok.

Weight Fluctuation and water retention relation

Don’t think much of your weight if it changes every day. There might be variation due to water. The change should go away when you start to exercise and eat healthier things low in salt, refined carbs, and simple sugars.

That is why you should look at the whole picture of how much your weight is changing instead of looking at the scale every day.

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No one knows how much weight fluctuates from night to morning. It can be hard to know why you gain weight overnight, and then it goes away the next day. Sometimes water retention is the reason but not all of the time.

Sometimes Aunt Flo makes you gain weight, too. You might have a cycle where you are heavier at one time of the month than at another time.

This is normal, but it still can be annoying, so don’t worry if your weight goes up and down a lot during your period.

If you are not losing weight, it may be because of something else. A person’s weight can change by 5 pounds each day. If this happens, you will not reach your goal of losing weight.

Dr Colella says that most people get back to their normal weight with just a few minor adjustments to their diet and exercise routine.

If your weight goes up by 7 pounds or more for a couple of days, it could be because you are drinking alcohol. Alcohol makes you want to eat more, and it is hard to control how much you eat.

It could be one reason why your weight fluctuates. Keep in mind that other reasons can also lead to weight gain too like medication or health conditions.

How To Track Daily Weight Fluctuation?

A scale helps you track your weight. If you don’t have a history of eating disorders, it is ok to step on the scale. But if you do have a history of eating disorders, don’t step on the scale and let your weight go up and down without knowing it.

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It is also important to note that you do not need a scale to meet your goals. Yes, even weight loss goals.

Maybe you want to lose a few pounds? You can do whatever you want and take care of yourself. Just remember that health is more than just a number.

It’s more about feeling good and being stronger physically and mentally instead of thinking about the number on the scale.

If you want to lose weight, it is a good idea to weigh yourself every day. This will help you see if your food was too much or not enough.

But weighing yourself every day can cause problems because some people will spend all their time thinking about the numbers on the scale. If this is happening with you, try to stop weighing yourself so much.

You might want to go without checking in with your doctor if you are trying to lose more weight than a few pounds. You don’t need any extra stress by checking in daily, say once a week (or every few weeks).

Instead, concentrate on maintaining a healthy diet and moving your body on the regular.

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However often you do weigh yourself, be consistent. Dr Petruzelli suggests that you weigh yourself naked first thing in the morning after using the bathroom and always use the same scale.

Weight fluctuation is normal, but if the scale goes up 5 pounds or more for longer than 2 days, it’s not just water weight.

Don’t freak out. Just pay attention to your body and call your doctor if you still have trouble after that. It’s always a good idea to consult a professional.

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