Viet Doan: IFBB Bodybuilder With A 1000-Watt Smile

Viet Doan is an IFBB Pro League professional bodybuilder who stands at 6’2” in height.

This 34-year-old Australian has inspired hundreds of men and women with his physical transformation, his openness about his journey, and his 1000 watt smile.

Viet Doan

Doan is very upfront with his feelings towards bodybuilding, his physique, and the sacrifices required.

This guy’s story is so relatable that it’s been published by several major news outlets and made him an overnight sensation.

Viet Doan – Who Is This Guy?

Viet Doan was born in Canberra, Australia to a Vietnamese refugee family in 1983.

However, unlike most professional bodybuilders, he didn’t start young. In fact, by the time he was 19, he had never stepped into a gym and weighed just 58 kg.

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But it was a friend’s constant persistence that eventually convinced Viet Doan to step into the gym.

What happened next was history: 15 years of bodybuilding to becoming an IFBB Pro with several wins under the belt.

Viet Doan’s Diet And His Thoughts On The Importance Of Food For Bodybuilding:

When he was younger, he was better known for his love of all things fast foods. From KFC to McDonalds and pizza, he enjoyed eating greasy, oily, sodium-laced foods for all his meals.

If you had known him back then, you would find it hard to believe that he ended up as a fitness model and pro bodybuilder.

This is also why people are attracted to his story. The fact that he was able to get fit without eliminating fast food from his diet is his USP.

In fact, even now, he loves eating double-glazed donuts right after a competition.

Viet Doan With Some Donuts

Viet Doan And His Struggle With Sticking To His Diet:

Nowadays, he eats the right set of nutrition-packed veggies and meat to get his calories just right.

One fact he has never been scared of sharing is the difficulty of dealing with diet limitations.

After all, if you want to get as shredded as Doan, you are going to cut a lot of food groups out of your diet. And this is in no way going to be easy.

According to Doan, his diet’s biggest test often came in the form of large Vietnamese family dinners. In these dinners, he would be pressured by his family to eat this and that.

As regular people, they found it difficult to understand how just a little food can harm his physique. However, this is something everyone who works out has to deal with.

Getting Help From Cutting Supplements:

Supplements help when it comes to getting the pros into competition shape. However, Doan did imply (in an interview) that there are some who choose to take steroids to get the results quickly.

But the risk of steroids is too high for anyone (not prescribed for genuine reasons) to take them for bodybuilding. That’s why its fortunate that there are legal steroids (made with natural ingredients and no hormones) that provide the same results but without the side effects.

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Viet Doan Before And After Picture

Viet Doan’s Qualifications As A Top-Grade Coach:

Along with being a fitness model and IFBB Professional bodybuilder, Viet Doan is also a certified Level 3 & 4 Personal Trainer as well as a Level 1 Powerlifting Coach.

When he competed in powerlifting, his heaviest deadlift was in 2009 at 307.5 kgs. He achieved this by having the right coaches, workout regimes, diet plans, and mental foundation the intense sport requires.

Now, Doan is also training others in deadlifting, bodybuilding, and fitness in general through his website.

One of the biggest issues male clients face is chest fat, namely man-boobs. This is one of the unfortunate realities of bodybuilding and weight loss.

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It’s Not All In The Genes:

Doan has admitted that a lot of the bodybuilding results are due to the right set of genes.

Viet Doan Bodybuilder

For him, his genes provided him with a 6’2” frame that can quickly and easily put on muscle and keep the fat off. And there’s also the 1000 watt smile that makes him instantly likable.

However, we can’t chalk up his, and other professional bodybuilders’ success, just to their genes. These guys put in a lot of hard work with many sacrifices to get the results that we see on TV.

That said, these guys also need some extra help in gaining muscle before getting shredded.

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Viet Doan And His Winnings:

Being a professional who starting building muscle 17 years ago, you would think that he’s been winning medals for years.

However, the fact is that he only started competing in May 2017. This was because his 2017 trip to Copenhagen opened his eyes to the possibility of bodybuilding as a profession.

In just 20 months, has competed in 11 shows with 4 wins.

Here’s a pic from his Instagram that shows the transformation in his physique in the 20 months:

Viet Doan 20 Month Before And After Picture

In this picture, he looks to have gone from being super fit to totally shredded. And the board shorts fit him competing for the Best Beach Body category.

Now, here is a list of all of Doan’s competitions and rankings:

  1. 2017 Danish Newcomers. 1st Place
  2. 2017 Danish Open. 1st Place + Overall Winner
  3. 2017 Danish Nationals. 1st Place + Overall Winner
  4. 2017 Arnold Classic Barcelona. 2nd Place
  5. 2017 Milano Pro. 4th Place
  6. 2018 Arnold Classic Australia. 1st Place Men’s Open + Overall Winner
  7. 2018 New Zealand Pro/Am. 4th Place
  8. 2018 Japan Pro. 8th Place
  9. 2018 Sanya Pro. 5th Place
  10. 2018 Shawn Rhoden Classic. 5th Place
  11. 2019 Arnold Classic Ohio. 15th Place

Fast-forward to 2019, He’s 225 pounds of pure muscle with his shoulder width being thrice his waist.

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In addition, even with all the fame and popularity, he can still be seen around in Melbourne. Viet Doan is also offering several training programs to those interested, including 1-on-1 training.

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