Reasons Why You Should Be Hugging People More Often

Most of us love it when we are hugged by someone. Hugs can be most comforting to relieve our stress and it works wonders if we receive them from someone we love the most.

A good, tight hug is a sign of extreme trust, love, and affection between two individuals. Hugging someone is said to be the of the rarest emotions that can’t be expressed through words, unlike many other emotional sensations and responses.


Hugs are known to be as one of the powerful ways of healing in human emotions, confusions and most importantly it relaxes your thoughts. Hugs are known to be the strongest antidepressant and it can help you fight against some of the problems like anxiety, loneliness, sickness, stress, and most importantly depression.

Carnegie Mellon University studied that adults are less likely to fall ill with cold if they receive hugs every day.

Virginia Satir, a respected family therapist says

“We need at least 4 hugs a day to survive. We need 8 hugs a day for healthy maintenance, and 12 hugs a day for growth and development in us.”

Let’s have a look at benefits; a hug can give it to you:

Calms The Body

Reports say that hugging can cause your muscles to relax and can release tensions from the body. A hug can wash out all your anxieties and worries to stimulate positive energy in the body.

Relaxed Mind

Increases The Level Of Understanding

A hug is an exchange of emotions and feelings that help you and your partner to build a strong and powerful relationship. This strong bond of trust and love between you can help understand each other well, your needs, dreams, and desires, etc. Hugs can be the untold words that only your body can feel from your partner and gives an idea if your loved one is happy, sad, angry or frustrated. Hugs generate feelings and stimulate understanding levels that help in creating strong connections.

Enhances Mood

If you ever had a passionate hug, then you might have experienced the change in your mood and feelings as well as in your partner. Your mood might have lightened up and improved, compared to the mood before hugging. This is because hugging increases the serotonin production in your brain that boosts and improves your mood. When you have low serotonin level, you usually feel lonely or depressed.

Increases Bonding

Hugging your partner or loved one can help to release oxytocin from your brain causing an instant connection with your partner. This gives rise to emotions, feelings, and intimacy that you share with your partner. A good and healthy feeling between two people can create a strong bond in them.

Good Bonding

Decreases Heart Risks

A study was conducted by Chapel Hill from the University of North Carolina, where the people who did not have any kind of contact with their partners developed a quicker heart rate compared to those who got hugs from their partners during this experiment. A decrease in heart rates can help to lower cardiac sickness and blood pressure.

Fights Depression

Studies say that hugging can increase dopamine production in your brain. Lower levels of dopamine can cause mood disorders, Parkinsonism, and even Depression. A good hug can relieve major problems like depression and many other neurodegenerative disorders.

Fights Depression

Balances Nervous System

Your skin contains a network of tiny-egg-shaped pressure sensors called the Pacinian corpuscles. Through the Vagus nerve, these tiny-egged shaped pressured sensors are in contact with the brain and can sense touch. A difference in skin conductance can be measured through galvanic responses while you receive a hug. A psychophysiological coherence achieved through a passionate hug can balance the state of the nervous system parasympathetic due to the effects of electricity and moisture on your skin.

Relieves Pain

As the endorphins release through hugging, it can help to prevent pains and eases aches in your body. It also increases the circulation to soft tissues. Research says that a hug can remove Bradykinins, pain-stimulating peptides from the body. So whenever you feel like you are in some pain, go get some hugs!

Relieves Pain

Removes Stress

The level of circulating cortisol, a stress hormone in the body can be reduced when you receive a good hug from your partner or loved one. The reduction of such stress hormones from the body can help create a feeling of relief in you. This helps in reducing diabetes mellitus and cortisol-induced hyperglycemia. A study proved that well-hugged babies are less stressed compared to those with less hugged.

Encourages Good Life

In a journal – Psychological Science, a study revealed that hugs and warm touches can reduce the worries of mortality. The study further revealed that hugging your teddy bear or any soft toy can help soothing an individual’s fears. It also discovers that simply imagining hugging your loved one can help to release serotonin, endorphin, and dopamine from your brain and arouse you with joy and happiness.

Joy And Happiness

We always love how people or our loved ones convey their emotions and feelings through a tight hug. Every time you hug someone, you tend to exchange your care and love with your partner which is surely unexplained. Let’s look at some interesting things about hugging that we might have felt many times.

Interesting Facts About Hugs And Warm Touches

You always feel the burden of responsibilities, dreams, desires, and many more that sometimes drains you mentally and physically. But you have also felt that while you hug someone the heaviness and burden are pushed away, and you feel completely easy and free. This is the aura of a hug that spreads serenity in and around you. But did you know,

  • Hugs can calm your anger and heals your sadness and isolation by boosting oxytocin levels in your body.
  • Hugs improve and strengthen your immune systems and can activate your Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • It boosts self-esteem in you.
  • Hugs are much like laughter and meditation that helps to enjoy your present and teaches you to let go of things.
  • Hugs can regulate and balance your white blood cell’s production by stimulating the thymus gland, which helps keep you healthy and disease-free.


A deep hug from your loved one can help boost your confidence and motivates your response positively. A tight hug every day can help to enhance and maintain your mood the whole day. So keep hugging and spread positivity.



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