Science Proves that Plank Exercises are Better than Crunches

In 2021, we have a definite answer to the question “which abs finisher is the most effective?” We all know that the crunch exercise is not very good. But a plank is better because your abdominal muscles work hard during it. Pennsylvania State University did this research.

Scientists attached electrodes to 20 people and had them do 16 different exercises. The electrodes measured how hard the muscles were working. The more a muscle is activated, the harder it is working. Scientists wrote this in a journal called Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

plank exercise

We all know that crunches and oblique crunches are suitable for your core. The weird thing is that exercises that target the abs, like a traditional crunch or an oblique crunch, are not effective at activating your abs. Instead of doing these exercises to work out your core, you should do integration exercises which also work out your back, shoulder, and glute muscles. Integration exercises include planks and side planks but also mountain climbers.

This may make sense to you. When you do the plank position, it makes your muscles work hard to keep your back straight and stable. This creates pressure in your body, which affects other exercises like the squat or deadlift, where you have to keep a strong core.

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Doing a plank is good. It allows you to focus on your form. When you are doing endless sit-ups, it is easy to get lost in the motion and not think about your form. With the plank, it is easier because you are not moving so much. And if you think about lifting weights, then doing planks will help you more because they give stability and power to your trunk, which can help avoid injury when lifting weights.

To get the most out of the move, Tracey says you should “focus on switching on every single muscle in your body.” It would help if you thought about trying to compress yourself. This is not just an exercise for 5 minutes. If you do it properly and concentrate hard not to hold the pose for more than 20 seconds, this is a good exercise.

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