One Problem Might Be The Reason You Are Not Getting Healthier

Many people want to get healthier, and they do things like sign up for a new gym membership on January 1st. They restart their diet on Monday mornings after the weekend. They try to go to an annual physical even when it is not convenient or fun. But new research suggests that not just willpower keeps many people from achieving health goals they have set for themselves.

A new survey showed that 59% of people stay away from living healthier lives because they think it is too expensive. The survey was done by OnePoll on behalf of supplement company Naturade and polled 2,005 Americans on their physical and mental health habits.

healthy food

Many Americans have a hard time buying food. This is because they do not have access to a grocery store that is close by. In the survey, 79% of people said that the closest grocery store was over a mile away from their home. On average, these people had an unwalkable distance from their house to the grocery store.

Having a grocery store nearby does not mean you can buy fresh produce there. So many people said they are only familiar with stores close to their homes and sell high-quality, affordable produce.

People said that their ability to get fresh food led to bad things. Of the people, 50% said that eating healthy food was important, and the average person ate fast food 3 times per week. 24% of people ate fast food 5 or more times each week.

If you eat fast food or unhealthy food, your body will get sick. This can happen because of the way the body reacts to what it eats. This is called insulin resistance. It can also lead to the chronic disease before diabetes. Many people said they either had a disease related to their lifestyle or knew someone who did in this study published in Lancet (a medical journal).