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Anyone who has ever had a child has heard one of their doctors be a human height predictor. Often by saying things like “Looks like he will grow up to be a football player!”

Everyone who has a child would like to know how tall the child will grow.

Height Predictor

With the leaps in science and technology, predicting the height using computer programs and principles of endocrinology are quite accurate.

Here we will examine how the height predictor works and their accuracy.

This Height Predictor uses a well-known mathematical method of calculating your child’s future height.

Children’s Adult Height Predictor for Boys & Girls

Child’s Sex    Girl          Boy
Child’s Age Years
Child’s Height Feet  Inches
Child’s WeightPounds
Mother’s HeightFeet Inches
Father’s HeightFeet  Inches
Your Child’s Predicted Height
Predicted Adult Height At 21 Years

How to use the height predictor software?

Simply enter the required information including the child’s height, weight, age, and sex. Also, add the parents’ heights for a more accurate height prediction.

After you’ve added the necessary information, click ‘Calculate’ to find out your child’s future height at 21.

How does the software work?

There are key biological factors that determine the height of the child after growing up.

They have to do with the genetics of the baby and the DNA it receives from the mother and father.

One of the most important factors is its overall size at birth. Premature or full-term birth can change some of the innate factors in the child’s future growth.

The gender of the baby also plays an important role as this affects the child’s growth process. After all, the growth rate varies based upon growth hormone production throughout the child’s life.

The parents’ heights are also important as they give an idea of the potential height of the baby.

All these factors are considered by the software to provide an estimate of the child’s height at 21 years of age.

This height predicting software uses the Khamis-Roche method which is based on the linear regression analysis method.


Height Predictor - Khamis-Roche Method 

How Accurate Is It?

When it comes to height calculators, there are generally two understandings regarding their accuracy.

First, many individuals will fall into a height range that is more consistent with one parent than the other based on gene inheritance.

The other understanding is that certain environmental factors, as well as latent growth hormones, can heavily impact the child’s growth.

If they have a deficiency in certain minerals and vitamins, it can adversely affect their optimal height.

With all of these factors considered into the calculation, it is estimated that the height predictor is accurate to within 3 inches, 75% of the time.

For every calculation, the will compute a trend based on the mother’s height, then one for the father’s height, and then average those two numbers.

Given these factors, you will be shown the average height trends that take both parents and the child’s physicality into account.

Child Height Predictor Is Accurate To 3 Inches

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Other ways to predict your child’s height

Probably the most accurate (and most expensive) method to predict your child’s height is a technique used by doctors and scientists by determining bone age.

An x-ray is taken of the child’s hand and wrist to determine skeletal maturity. This x-ray, in turn, is analyzed and compared to a standardized radiograph, thus determining the future height.

Another method is to average the parents’ heights and adding three inches for a boy and subtracting 3 inches for a girl. While this method is fairly accurate and scientifically sound, the ultimate height may vary up to 5 inches.

The easiest, but the least accurate method, is just to double the height of the child on his second birthday. Medically, it has been shown that your height at two years old is roughly half of your ultimate adult height.

Predicting your child’s height is uncertain at best…

Overall, this height predictor software is a great way of predicting your child’s future height with a fair degree of scientific certainty.

However, a child’s ultimate height is determined by many different factors including sex, genetics, and environmental factors.

Genetics account for only 70% of the child’s future height, while 30% is determined by environmental factors such as exercisenutrition, health, and general lifestyle.

Predict Your Child's Future Height With This Height Predictor

Therefore, although you can use the height predictor as a general reference, you should strive to provide your child with the best environment conducive to achieving their maximum potential height.

WHAT EXACTLY IS: Conducive to achieving maximum potential height?


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