Healthy Diet to Speed Up Your Recovery from Covid

Good nutrition is important for preventing illness. The Coronavirus cannot be prevented, but it is better to have a healthy diet before, during, and after. This will make your immune system stronger so that you can fight the virus off easier. If you are lucky and your infection does not last too long, it will help you recover from the sickness more quickly by making your body healthier.

Sadly, after being infected, a person will lose their sense of smell and taste. This can affect the person’s appetite. They may also get sick from taking too many medicines to fight the infection. So they should eat as much as they can. They should try different kinds of food too (meat, vegetables).

diet after covid for speedy recovery

How you start your day can affect the rest of the day.

So the first thing you should eat when you wake up is strong antioxidants and immunity boosters. When Covid patients finish their medicine and quarantine period, They must take 2 small garlic pods to start their morning, followed by 30ml of amla-and-aloe vera juice shots, followed by jeera ajwain water/methi daana water/barley water/cinnamon water (whichever one is best for the patient). Then, in the morning, eat 5 almonds, 2 full walnuts, and 1 fig/date/prune. And finish it off with seasonal fruit. People usually feel less hungry in the mornings, so these five steps should keep you going for about two to three hours.

Breakfast should include oat bran cereal with almond milk. Jaggery and flaxseed help make it healthy. An alternative is one egg that is good for you but has more protein and fat.

To stay hydrated and keep the gut cool, drink a coconut water concoction and put basil and chia seeds in it. You can also add mint leaves to the coconut water.

Lunch is the time when we must eat food from every group. Carbs provide energy when you are feeling tired. They can come from wheat, millet, oats, brown rice, or sweet potato. Protein can be found in pulses, legumes, and lean meat. Add 1-2 vegetables with high fiber, vitamins, and minerals to help you stay healthy!

A fruit between lunch and dinner is good for you. It can be Vitamin C rich like grapefruit, oranges, or kiwi.

It would help if you had a meal that is high-protein and also has complex carbohydrates before bed. This will help you sleep better. Examples of this kind of food are bone broth soup, moringa soup, eggs, grilled fish, sweet potatoes. You should finish eating 3-4 hours before bedtime.

To get all the nutrients you need, it’s best to avoid processed foods, deep-fried snacks, cookies, and sweets. Drink only water. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke.

Three things that will help you to get better. You need 8 hours of sleep, manage your stress levels and drink fluids.

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