Health Secrets Of Queen Elizabeth’s Diet At The Age Of 92

On April 21, 2018, Queen Elizabeth II will be turning 92, making her the longest reigning monarch in the history of the United Kingdom. While most people think that the queen has only managed to cross the threshold of 90 years with the help of modern medicine, sources say that her royal diet also plays a significant part in her wellbeing.

The Queen's Diet Secrets To Health And Long Life

According to the former Royal Chef, while many traditions and cultures have changed throughout her lifetime, the Queen has managed to be consistent when it comes to her diet. This is one of the reasons she is as fit and healthy as she is today, according to sources.

So, what is it that the Queen eats that lets her lead the long life she has had? Well, the Royal Chef is responsible for providing the Queen a list of menu suggestions twice a week where she indicates what she fancies for her meals for the next few days.

Let’s now take a look at the meal plan that lets the Queen of England reach 92:

The Queen’s Pre-Breakfast Meal:

When the Queen starts off her day, she has tea with a few biscuits. The tea of choice is Earl Grey with no sugar which is freshly-brewed before being served.

The Queen’s Breakfast Meal:

You may be surprised, but the Queen eats a breakfast that is similar to most of us. For example, most days, her breakfast will include cereal with fruits while sometimes, the breakfast meal includes toast with marmalade or jam. For those special days, she is also known to have smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and fresh truffles.

For the truffles, this is usually a breakfast meal that is enjoyed during the Christmas time where the truffles are sent to the Queen as gifts.

The Queen’s Pre-Lunch Drink:

Most of us don’t prefer drinking any alcohol until we get back from work and sit down in front of the television. But the Queen prefers to have a pre-lunch drink consisting of a glass of gin and Dubonnet. This cocktail comes with a lot of ice and a thin slice of lemon.

The Queen's Pre-Lunch Drink
The Queen’s Lunch Meal:

One thing that the Queen has been strict about when it comes to her diet is that the meals shouldn’t have any starch. Therefore, when she is served her lunch at 1 pm, it doesn’t include any potatoes, rice or pasta. Her daily lunch usually comprises chicken or grilled fish, like grilled chicken with a healthy salad or grilled Dover sole on courgettes or wilted spinach.

The Queen’s Afternoon High Tea:

In the afternoon, the Queen prefers to have her tea with something sweet. This often includes chocolate biscuit cake as well as honey and cream sponge cake as these are the Queen’s favorites. Two types of sandwiches are also required for every High Tea: ham, and mustard with no crust as well as smoked salmon, cucumber, and egg with some mayonnaise. Her Majesty has also been known to enjoy jam pennies, according to her former chef, McGrady.

The Queen’s Dinner Meal:

For dinner, the Queen enjoys locally procured meats. She is known to eat mutton, grouse, roast beef and lamb on occasion but prefers the Gaelic stack served with mushroom sauce and whiskey as a favorite. Sunday roast is also popular, but all the meat is strictly to be well-done before being served for the Queen. After having the main dish, she is said to enjoy eating some home-grown fruits from her greenhouse at Windsor Castle which include peaches and strawberries.

The Queen’s Post-Dinner Drink:

After dinner, the Queen is said to finish her day off with a nice glass of champagne. This champagne is probably one of the eight brands that have been provided a royal warrant. These include Lanson, Krug, and Bollinger to name a few.

When goods are supplied for a royal, the suppliers can be authorized a royal warrant which is considered a very prestigious honor.

The Queen’s Guilty Pleasure:

No woman in the world that can say no to chocolate, including the Queen of England who is considered to be a ‘chocoholic.’ This chocolate is almost always dark chocolate which has been known to be very healthy with a number of benefits when consumed within appropriate portions.

The Queen's Guilty Pleasure Is Dark Chocolate

It’s clear that to live to over 90, the Queen didn’t have to follow a strict and difficult-to-follow diet. She even manages to eat sweets and cake without having any negative consequences. However, it’s not just her healthy diet that is responsible for her excellent health as she is also known to walk with her dogs and go horseback riding to stay fit while enjoying her long life.

We hope that you had the opportunity to learn a few tidbits about the Queen’s life and her diet that has managed to ensure that she is healthy and fit even as she is about to reach 92 years of age.

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