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Most of us spend the majority of our daily lives behind a desk working, which has lead to a sharp rise in people being diagnosed with obesity and excess weight gain. To counter this trend, the experts of the weight loss industry have found several components that can induce thermogenesis, enhance metabolic rate and suppress appetite in the body. Today, I will be reviewing Fat Burn Extreme which uses these natural ingredients to encourage weight loss and fat burn using just one pill a day.

What Is Fat Burn Extreme?

Fat Burn Extreme, as the name states, is an extreme fat burner which uses natural ingredients to help induce weight loss by suppressing your appetite, boosting your metabolism and causing thermogenesis. The capsule is free from gluten, wheat, and dairy products and is certified vegan-friendly. When using Fat Burn Extreme, you can also expect a boost in energy because of the caffeine and Vitamin B12 in the proprietary blend used to formulate the product.

Fat Burn Extreme

Who Makes This Fat Burner?

Fat Burn Extreme is made by Evolution Slimming Ltd. which is a UK-based company. These guys have been in the supplement business since 2007 and have supplied millions of customers with quality supplements across the world.

The contact information of the manufacturer of Fat Burn Extreme:

  • UK Company Number: 06417136
  • EU VAT Reg. No.: GB979614952
  • Address: Evolution Slimming Ltd, Unit 4 Sarre Business Ctr, Sarre, Kent, CT7 0JZ
  • Phone: 0800 043 0434 / +44 (0)1843 841633
  • Email: enquiries@evolution-slimming.com

How Does It Work?

Most weight loss products use ingredients that stimulate weight loss by controlling and suppressing your appetite so that you eat less food, automatically causing weight loss. However, Fat Burn Extreme takes this a step further by including appetite suppressing ingredients, along with elements that help stimulate thermogenesis and enhance metabolic rate of the body.

When the natural ingredients cause thermogenesis, the internal temperature of the body is increased, resulting in the faster fat burn, increased energy production and enhanced metabolic rate. Fat Burn Extreme Pills also uses weight loss ingredients to improve the metabolism of fat in the body, converting the excess fat into usable energy.

Fat Burn Extreme Benefits

What Are The Ingredients Used?

These pills are made from ingredients that promote vegetarianism, veganism and don’t contain any dairy products or gluten.

The clinically proved ingredients in Fat Burn Extreme:

  • Caffeine:
    The ingredient can help you increase metabolism of fats. Caffeine can increase the levels of hormone Epinephrine in your blood that can travel through your fatty tissues and helps break the fats down. This element in Fat Burn Extreme can also help suppress your appetite and burn calories.
  • L-Tyrosine:
    This component can stimulate the production of norepinephrine and epinephrine neurohormones which can suppress your appetite. L-Tyrosine can reduce your anxiety, supports thyroid hormone production and enhance your mood by decreases cortisol levels, prevent weight gain and promote healthy metabolism.
  • Green Tea Extract:
    The ingredient is filled with various antioxidants that can help you with weight loss and increased fat burn. Green tea extract in this product is rich in bioactive components such as EGCG and caffeine. This can improve your metabolism, insulin activity and fat oxidation helping you in losing weight and burning fats.
  • Naringin:
    This natural substance can help you in losing fat and boosting metabolism. Naringin in Fat Burn Extreme can stimulate adiponectin production, a crucial fat burning hormone. A study has found that Naringin when united with hesperidin and synephrine, can cause your body to lose more than 100 calories.
  • Vitamin B6:
    This pill can help you with muscle growth, increase metabolism, reduce hunger urges and boosts immune system because of the Vitamin B6 present. The capsules can increase your strength and stamina by converting carbohydrates to glucose. This glucose further gets burned and creates energy in the body.
  • Vitamin B12:
    The pills can help you experience quicker metabolism and enhanced energy levels in your body through this ingredient. Vitamin B12 in fat burners can assist in converting food into energy and breaks down fatty acids that help in producing strength in your body.

Fat Burn Extreme Ingredients

Is This Product Safe And Side Effect Free?

I have some personal experience with using prescription weight loss supplements where I had to endure headaches and dizziness spells after taking the pills. So, when researching this product, I took a look to see if Fat Burn Extreme causes similar side effects, but I found no reports of side effects with this product. However, if you are a heavy coffee drinker, you might want to cut back on your coffee intake as this pill also contains caffeine.

When To Expect Results?

To get accurate information regarding when to expect results, we took a look at the user testimonials and reviews online. What we found was that there is a varied range from a few days to a few weeks when results start showing themselves.

Queenyjay3 on Jan 23, 2018, mentioned that on her 5th day, she felt she had more energy and found she was less bloated as well as noticing that her appetite was being curbed.

Who Can Use This Fat Burner?

Unlike other fat burners, Fat Burn Extreme can be used by both men and women because it doesn’t work by manipulating your hormone balance. It is also not designed for children under the age of 18 since the potent ingredients might be too strong for their growing bodies. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are also advised against using fat burn supplements by the experts.

However, if you want to use Fat Burn Extreme for weight loss but aren’t sure if you can take the pill or not, I suggest you talk to your doctor. My doctor mentioned that most of the products use these ingredients in acceptable ranges and should not cause any side effects for most people.

What Is The Cost To Buy Fat Burn Extreme?

When ordering from the manufacturer’s website, you can get Fat Burn Extreme for the following price per bottle:

Fat Burn Extreme Offer

60 Capsules 28 36 37 23 19.99 103 37
120 Capsules 53 67 68 42 36.99 191 69
180 Capsules 78 100 101 63 54.99 284 102
240 Capsules 100 128 128 80 69.99 361 130
12 Month Supply 135 173 174 108 94.99 491 176

Note that you can opt to get multiple bottles for a better price per capsule.

Should You Get It?

That is the golden question, isn’t it? Should you get Fat Burn Extreme? Well, if you are someone who wants to buy a pill that works fast at helping you lose excess fat but don’t want to resort to side-effect causing drugs or steroids, Fat Burn Extreme is a great choice.

One thing that you should be aware of is that while you can experience weight loss with this pill without doing any exercise, it is most effective when used together with a balanced diet and exercise plan. I am also seriously considering getting Fat Burn Extreme because I can see myself losing the last 10-15 lbs I have with this product.

Fat Burn Extreme Offer

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