Fashion Tips To Look Taller

The right fashion tips to look taller can be the difference between getting a second date or going home alone.

In fact, did you know Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. are only 5′ 7″ tall? (1) Or Lady Gaga and Vanessa Hudgens are only 5′ 1″ tall?

Don’t they appear much taller than they actually are?

Fashion Tips To Look Taller

Surely, the expensive custom suits and dresses help them look taller.

But the reason for their deceptively tall look is because they know what to wear and how to wear it.

Now it is about time for you to get in on Hollywood’s secret fashion tips to look taller.

Fashion Tips To Look Taller


  • Choose slim, skinny, or classic fit. Loose or baggy will make you look wider and shorter.
  • Avoid full pockets or anything that causes looseness or puckering around the hips.
  • Low rise pants will make your legs look shorter and wearing pants too high will make your torso look shorter so pants should fit just above your hips

Maintaining a good posture

  • Good posture cannot be understated and is one of the biggest secrets to looking taller.
  • Standing up straight and tall exudes confidence that makes you appear bigger.
  • Military bearing is a good posture to emulate: back straight, shoulders back, chest out, and head up.
  • Maintaining good posture is something that everybody should do regardless of stature because it conveys CONFIDENCE. 
  • Confidence is one of the biggest factors in how other people judge and treat you.
  • Maintaining a good posture should be a priority for everyone, not just those who are shorter than average.


  • Avoid turtlenecks like the plague! These hide your neck and make you look stumpy.
  • Tucking in your shirt emphasizes your legs so if you have short legs, don’t tuck in your shirt!
  • Always wear form-fitting shirts. Loose shirts will make you look like a box.
  • V-necks make your torso look longer so you should have plenty in your wardrobe.


  • Opt for bigger, bulkier styles of shoes like boots because they will make your feet bigger and consequently, you will appear taller.
  • High heels are fine but you may want to be discrete in gaining inches to your height. So consider using hidden height increasing insoles.


  • Go for tighter form-fitting jackets. These will make you look slimmer and longer.
  • Jackets should fall slightly below the buttocks.
  • Do not wear blazers with more than 3 buttons. Besides being bad fashion, this will make you look shorter


  • Regardless of what kind of hairstyle you have, always expose your forehead and neck for maximum body length.
  • As a general rule, shorter hair is best for shorter people.
  • If you expose your forehead, that is 3 more inches of skin and therefore 3 more inches of illusory height.
  • Your neck also plays an important part in how tall you look.
  • Exposing your neck completely without any hair in the way can make it appear longer.


  • Wear vertical patterns such as pinstripes, herringbone, and chalk stripes. Vertical patterns elongate your body and give the illusion of being longer.
  • Avoid designs and patterns such as plaid, checked, or any other pattern that breaks up the vertical effect.
  • Your top and bottom should be the same color or the closest shade possible. This will prevent breaks in your body which gives the illusion of one long, fluid body.
  • Dark colors, especially black, has a slimming effect that helps chubbier people appear slimmer and shorter people longer.
  • When shopping, choose lighter fabrics. Heavier fabrics tend to make you look bulky, wide, and short.

Final Tips On Wardrobe Selection And Body Shape

When optimizing your wardrobe to look taller, the fit is probably the most important aspect. Avoid baggy, loose clothing at all costs! Rather, go for form-fitting, slim styles.

Fashion Tips To Look Taller - Wardrobe And Body Shape

If you cannot find the right fit, getting your clothes custom-tailored is a viable option and one that should be taken advantage of.

Lastly, how tall you appear is in the eye of the beholder, so if you carry yourself tall and confident, you will appear taller.

In terms of body shape, a rectangle will always look longer than a square and a cylinder will always look longer than a sphere even if they’re the same length.

This is an optical illusion that can be perfectly translated into how tall you look.

You have to watch out for that width/depth to length ratio. The longer you are compared to how wide you are will always make you look taller.

Yes, this means to stay fit and trim at all times. It’s a fact, the leaner you are, the taller you look.

In fact, if you’re already short, adding bulk will just make you look even shorter.

Being fit and trim is a no-brainer that everybody, regardless of height or body style, should strive for. Not only will this make you look good and give you better health, but it will also help make you look taller.

Bonus tip to look taller: Be confident in your own skin

Regardless of how tall you are or what kind of body style you have, the way you carry yourself ultimately determines how people perceive you.

Be Confident In Your Own Skin

If you carry yourself with confidence and enthusiasm, you will seem larger than life and TALLER. However, if you slouch and appear insecure and depressed you’re in essence projecting a smaller version of yourself.

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