Effective Ways to Keep Your Negative Thoughts Away

Negative thoughts are one of the most harmful and damaging things that lead an unhealthy and unfavorable mind.

These toxic thoughts have the abilities to create a negative atmosphere around people leading unfriendly behaviors.

Studies show that People with negative thoughts tend to lose and doubt on their capabilities and don’t go well with others (1).

Negative Thoughts

Ayurveda says that negative thoughts disturb our cognitive functioning and generates unhealthy ideas that bring them down.

Such destructive thoughts lower our focus, reduces our concentration levels and affect many other brain developing functions.

Negative thoughts always bring destructive consequences in people leading to losing many things such as:

  • Confidence
  • Skills
  • Capabilities
  • Relationships
  • Knowledge
  • Trusts
  • Happiness

Negativity also has most destructive and damaging effects on people leading to harmful diseases in them. These thoughts create lots of stress, anxieties, and tensions in people making people go crazy on a smallest situations and problems.

People try different things to get rid of their negative thoughts, and some of them get success too. Though it might take a lot of time to get the negativity out from you, but patience is a virtue.

Types Of Negative Thoughts:

Negative Thoughts

After years of research on negative thoughts, doctors have come up with different divisions that define negative thoughts in people (2).

These different sections were made according to various thought processes and beliefs to have at least one in people.

The divisions and thoughts are as follows:

  • Focusing on negatives: “Plans not working according to me, maybe because of past failures.”
  • Negative self-labeling: “People would hate me if they knew the real me, that I am a failure.”
  • Excessive need for approval: “People are getting upset and sad, all because of me.”
  • Pessimism: “I don’t trust people who are good to me. If I am laughing now, I will surely cry later.”
  • Should Statements: “People should be good to each other, if they treat you bad, you should do the same.”
  • Dwelling on the past: “I guess, I am unhappy due to things I would have done in the past.”
  • All or nothing thinking: Thoughts to be perfect or less it will be a failure.
  • Overly judgmental: “The world is falling apart. I don’t like what I see around me.”
  • Catastrophizing: “The situations can be the worst scenarios ever!”
  • Disqualifying the present: “I have to finish my work on time, I will have food later.”
  • Mind reading: “Because the way people are, they will surely hate me.”

Tips To Keep Negative Thoughts Away:

People have tried and are still trying end number of things to get rid off their negative thoughts. These negative thoughts can be very powerful and can lead you to cause adverse impacts on you, even can cause brain issues.

Many of these techniques have proven effective on people helping themselves to keep their negative thoughts out of them. Some of the tips that can help kicking your negative thoughts out are as follows:

  • Interactions:

    Sharing and talking about your issues to your people can help losing the effect of negative thoughts in you. People usually talk as they feel it helps them to let their negative thoughts move out, bringing the feeling of realization in them.
    This is why, many times, people tend to attend social gatherings and functions as it helps them stay away from such harmful and toxic thoughts.

  • Activities:

    People nowadays have come up with a new idea to lower the effects of negative thinking in them. They have started diverting their mind into such activities that won’t allow them to think about any topics. People are getting more interested in physical activities such as workouts, sports, cardiovascular activities and so on.
    These activities divert their mind and help them focus on other things.

  • Positive group:

    Not just negative thoughts, negative people can also cause an adverse effect on you. It is good that you surround yourself with the people who are happy, motivating, helpful, advisable and cheering for you. Positive people help combating your negative thoughts and turn your bad things into good.
    Not only positive group helps you with negative thoughts, but they can help keeping you away from any negativity that can hurt you.

  • Maintain a record:

    There are times when your positive friends might not able to meet you, so what can be done? The simplest way is to write your negative thoughts. Writing down your part on a page can help you to analyze your thoughts and helps your brain to relax as all your thoughts have come out through writing.
    The written part can help you to release and understand the consequences if it would have been real and refrains you from doing such things.

  • Meditate:

    People often take spiritual help to get off from things that creates heaviness in them. Things that they believe are incurable and taking help of spirituality; the things can help balancing your situations or outcomes. People meditate to dump their negative thinking as meditation is one of the most powerful suppliers of positivity.
    Through meditation, people can give away their negative thoughts and stimulate good, healthy and positive thinking.

  • Eat Healthy:

    Ayurveda has proved that by eating healthy and nutritious food, a person can block his negative thoughts. The wholesome food helps stimulating and boosting positive energy in the body and enhances the mood, positively, helping an individual to function properly.
    The increase in energy levels stimulates more power to the brain that helps focusing more on essential things.

  • Ignore what people think about you:

    There are times when we end up thinking, what would the people around us would thinking about our actions? Avoid reading other people’s mind and their unhealthy behaviors towards you.
    Avoiding such things; you tend to wipe negative thoughts forming in your brains that demotivate you in some or another way.



Though the atmosphere around us is getting more stressful and negative day by day, it is on us how we keep ourselves positive.

Staying away from negative thoughts is really important as it blocks your development, both physically and mentally.

It is on you, how you manage to bring your negative thoughts out to progress more.

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