CLA Pills Made With Safflower Oil – Clinically Proven For Weight Loss

CLA Pills are made of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, better known as CLA.  This is a popularized type of weight loss ingredient that has worked for men and women around the world.

The reason for the sudden gain in popularity and use of CLA safflower oil pills is due to the clinical research support these pills have received.

In fact, CLA pills are becoming even more popular with manufacturers paving the way for quality products that provide worldwide shipping and visible benefits at an affordable price tag.

CLA Pills

This article will take a look at CLA, its pills and explain why we recommend using CLA pills.

What Is CLA?

While CLA may be a new term for some of our readers, many people have been enjoying the many health benefits of CLA and CLA pills for quite some time. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is defined as a naturally occurring essential fatty acid that can be obtained through food but can’t be produced by the body (hence, it’s an essential acid). The most common sources of CLA include eggs, some species of mushrooms, grass, dairy products and meat (especially from grass-fed animals).

CLA can also be found in supplement form as pills which are often produced from sunflower that contain Carthamus tincorius oil. According to the experts who have researched CLA for decades, this essential fatty acid can help improve weight loss, protect lean muscle growth and improve the body’s natural immune system.

Most people are confused when they read that this fat can help them eliminate excess fat but the truth is that some healthy fats like CLA are essential in helping improve your health and promote fat loss. It’s actually the bad fats like saturated fats in processed foods, and fast foods that experts say should be avoided.

So, the short version is that not all fats are bad for you and CLA has been found to be helpful for weight loss.

What Are CLA Pills?

As the term suggests, these are pills that contain a concentrated dose of CLA. Many pills have claimed to provide the weight loss benefits our readers are looking for. The best CLA pills usually have around 80% of CLA concentration in them. Pills with CLA concentration of less than 80% are not recommended as they won’t have much health benefits.

Do CLA Pills Work?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at how CLA works first.

CLA is considered to be a formulation of fatty acids in a linoleic acid structure and is made primarily from omega-6 (polyunsaturated fat) while some are also made from Trans-fat. As previously mentioned, Linoleic acid can’t be created in the body and needs to be acquired via diet. And if you want higher levels that the 0.5 grams provided by diet, you will need to opt for CLA supplements.

The way CLA works is that it binds and activates Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor alpha (PPARa) that is usually found in the heart, liver, and kidneys. According to the trials on this fatty acid, fat burn can be enhanced by the liver while stimulating improved immunity. One study conducted on humans had found that the CLA increased the metabolic rate of the subject by almost 35% in just 14 weeks.

So, it’s easy to imagine that these pills are capable of stimulating the body to burn fat, eliminate stored fat and improve the body’s immunity levels.

CLA Pills Side Effects:

CLA is an essential fatty acid that can be found in many of the foods that we eat and is an import part of our diet. So, it is safe to say that CLA is not going to cause you any side effects when acquired from the regular diet.

CLA 2000 In Media

However, what about pills and supplements? Well, it depends on the quality of the product you take and the method it was produced with. We at always recommend getting products that are manufactured in an FDA registered facility and compliant with GPA standards. To minimize the risk of side effects, you should also only buy CLA products from manufacturers who make sure that their products are free from fillers, binders, and additives that may be harmful to the body.

CLA Pills Benefits Claimed By The Experts:

Like most weight loss pills we have evaluated at, most readers will be very interested in the benefits of CLA on fat burn and weight loss.

Benefits of taking CLA Pills:

  • Accelerates fat loss
  • Prevents fat accumulation
  • Increases lean muscle growth
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Supports normal blood sugar control
  • Enhances the body’s immunity
  • Counters effects of free radicals
  • Supports a healthy immune system

CLA Pills Benefits

It’s clear when reading the list of benefits that CLA products and supplements can do more than help people lose weight, even if its most popular benefit is its ability to help men and women reduce fat and lose weight.

Do We Recommend Our Readers To Get CLA Pills?

After reading the scientific research and user reviews for CLA supplements, it is clear to see that these products are effective at helping to reduce fat content and allow for enhanced weight loss. According to our research, these products are worth the investment for anyone looking to improve their health and lose weight at the same time. While they are not as aggressive as some of the thermogenic pills available in the market, they do boast a lack of side effects and fast weight loss when combined with an effective exercise and diet routine.


If you weren’t aware, you could get natural CLA from foods like butter, dairy products, and grass-fed beef. Unfortunately, to get the necessary amount of CLA for weight loss, you would have to eat almost 4,000 calories of beef at a time which is not something that is feasible, both physically and financially.
It’s just cheaper and more efficient to take CLA from supplements instead. Most CLA products, including this one, are formulated using CLA found in sunflower oil and are formed into softgels. This is a type of pill that is made from a soft gelatin shell that contains liquid CLA.

Where Can You Buy CLA Pills?

These days, dietary supplements of all types, including those that contain CLA have been made available in stores as well as online. So, if you want to buy these pills, you can do so online and offline. However, we recommend buying them online like with some CLA Pills GNC as they are often cheaper and some products also provide worldwide delivery.

Here Are Our Recommended CLA Pills:

According to our research and review of the many CLA Pills that are available online, here are two CLA pills that we recommend for anyone who wants to lose weight with CLA:

1. CLA 2000

CLA 2000

CLA 2000 is the number one CLA supplement that you can consider buying as it contains 2000 mg of CLA with a concentration of 80%. This is a greater amount of CLA than most products in the market and doesn’t contain any harmful additives or binders. According to the official site, this pill can help with easy and gentle weight loss when compared to some of the harsher fat burners that contain caffeine and other stimulants.

Why Do We Think About CLA 2000?

According to our CLA 2000 review, this is one of the best CLA pills on the market. This is due to its quality and performance backed by thousands of users who use this supplement every day.

We also liked that there is only need to take two pills a day. Instead, of the three with other products. Another advantage is the online deals that are provided which can give you a lower price when ordering multiple bottles.

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2. Max Potency CLA 1250

Max Potency CLA 1250

Max Potency CLA 1250 is a competent alternative to CLA 2000 which contains 1250 mg of CLA. However, while the amount of CLA is lower in this pill, the concentration of active CLA is higher at 95%. This supplement comes with 180 softgels that are free from GMOs and stimulants. Max Potency CLA 1250 is available in stores and on Amazon with a high rating.

Why Do We Think About Max Potency CLA 1250?

When we took a look at other products that provide CLA benefits, this is the one that popped up immediately on Amazon. Max Potency CLA 1250 is Amazon’s Choice for CLA pills and boasts a high 95% purity for CLA.

However, because it has a lower amount of CLA as well as requiring more pills to be taken every day (three), it ranks as the second recommended CLA pill on our list.

There are also no multi-buy deals that can lower the cost of Max Potency CLA 1250. This is a downside for anyone who wants to use CLA to lose weight in the long run.

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