Capsiplex Review – Capsaicin Pills For Weight Loss

Capsiplex is a 100% natural weight loss product from reputed manufacturers Bauer Nutrition.

In this Capsiplex review, we will analyze and deliver an unbiased assessment of this weight loss product.


Our review team was excited about this new fat burner. This is because it works as an appetite suppressor as well as a thermogenic pill and metabolism stimulator.

It also contains caffeine, clinically proven to help speed up weight loss. Caffeine also provides the additional energy required for healthy and safe fat burn.

What Is Capsiplex?

It is a dietary supplement that stimulates faster fat burn and weight loss using an all-natural formula.

The manufacturer’s claims for Capsiplex:

  • Made with a natural proprietary formula
  • Stimulates the body’s internal temperature to help eliminate fat faster.
  • Suppresses the appetite so that there is no comeback of the lost fat.
  • Increase in energy while losing fat.
When using this product, my understanding is that we won’t suffer from low energy levels like with other similar products.

The most unique ingredient in these fat loss pills is the capsicum extract. Let’s look at each of the ingredients individually.

Capsiplex Ingredients

The list of ingredients in Capsiplex:

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum, also known as red pepper or chilli pepper is a herb used in medicines. Few of the main benefits of this ingredient include treating stomach problems like indigestion, painful cramps, and diarrhea. It also treats conditions like heart disease.

Capsaicin, a compound in chilli peppers supports weight loss, speed up metabolism, reduce fats and suppress appetite. Clinical studies support this claim of Capsaicin promoting weight loss.


Caffeine Enhances fat oxidation and lipolysis while improving fat metabolism for increased energy production. It also increases concentration, focus, and alertness. A well-known ingredient in most of the weight loss products, Caffeine has proven to help weight loss effectively.


Piperine is a black pepper extract that regulates obesity. This improves the natural nutrient absorption of the body while preventing fat creation. It inhibits certain enzymes required for fat production.


Niacin is also known as Vitamin B3. It helps convert carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy while also reducing fat content. Energy is needed to burn body calories and hence Niacin plays a vital role. Niacin is also known as a detoxifier which helps in body cleansing.

Capsiplex Ingredients

Capsiplex Vs Other Weight Loss Pills

I will give these pills a slight edge over most of the other weight loss pills. This is mainly because of its all-natural ingredients and its benefits which are not only restricted to losing weight.

The ingredients, as we have seen above make a nice combination of something that burns calories. They also increase energy and avoid fat gain.

Our review team found it more advantageous for users to consider getting these instead of other similar products.

However, it should be noted that everyone is different. The difficulties with weight loss faced by one person may not be relevant to someone else.

When purchasing your next weight loss pill, ask yourself if the product is designed to combat your weight loss problems.

People have also considered getting capsaicin pills that only have a single weight loss ingredient. But many ended up with stomach problems including acidity. This mainly happens due to the nature of the active ingredient, capsaicin.

The proprietary formula in Capsiplex designed only to release the capsaicin when it enters the intestines and not the stomach. This eliminates the problem from the core. Hence, Capsiplex is free from side effects.

Capsiplex Dosage

Many of the products I have previously reviewed require the users to take multiple pills a day. Some pills also leave a bad aftertaste with digestion problems.

Fortunately, with Capsiplex, it is required to consume one pill a day for effective weight loss.

To get the most out of this product, you should work out and follow a balanced diet on a regular basis.

For the days where you will be exercising, take one pill approximately 30-60 minutes before your workout. For the days where you will not be working out, take one pill before your morning breakfast. 

The manufacturers also mentioned a word of Capsiplex warning.

This warning says that the pill should not be consumed before sleep. The caffeine can act as a stimulant which may compromise the quality of sleep.

The Pros

We have noted some of the benefits of this pill at the beginning of this Capsiplex review. Here are the detailed versions of the same presented here.

These pros are from the perspective of the user and have been compiled by reading various testimonials and Capsiplex reviews.

Here are the pros/benefits of using Capsiplex:

100% Natural Ingredients Used

Capsiplex pills make use of several natural ingredients including capsicum extract and caffeine. This helps accelerate weight loss and fat burn. The 100% natural ingredients ensure that the user experiences the benefits of weight loss without any problems.

Fast-Acting Results Possible

This product is designed with a Premium Strength proprietary formula that gives fast-acting results. According to some users, you can experience visible weight loss in just a few days of using Capsiplex appetite suppressor.

Clinically Proven Ingredients

These pills have gained the confidence of thousands of men and women. It is backed by its ingredients being clinically tested and proven to enhance weight loss. This is a significant advantage for this product as most online weight loss pills don’t come with clinically proven ingredients.

Lax Exercise And Diet Requirements

Some products that have similar benefits require the user to follow a strict exercise and diet regime. This weight loss product also recommends a system of exercise and diet to achieve maximum weight loss. However, it also states that light training and a lax diet plan are sufficient to show acceptable results.

Enhances Metabolic Rate

This supplement contains ingredients that boost the metabolic rate so that more nutrients and fat are converted into energy. The increase in metabolism also allows for the stored fat to be eliminated.

Stimulates Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is a process where the internal body temperature naturally increases. This affects the overall consumption of calories and loss of fat. With this, it is possible to lose more fat and weight with the same amount of exercise.

Suppresses Appetite

The natural ingredients also contain appetite suppressants which help the body and mind feel full and satisfied with the diet. Appetite suppressants like this one work like other similar products and can help better control our emotional eating urges.

Prevents Fat Creation And Storage

The key ingredients in the weight loss pill work to suppress the production and storage of fat in the body. This prevents the buildup of stored fat and speeds up the natural weight loss process.

Improves Overall Health

This product also has a positive impact on overall health. This includes a reduction of cholesterol.

Lack Of Side Effects

After reading several user reviews and testimonials, we haven’t found any complaints about side-effects. The lack of side effects is also one of the reasons this product has managed to gain such a user-following.

Easy To Take Weight Loss Pills

Because only one pill is required to be taken every day, it is very convenient to use the product. There are also no severe issues if the user forgets to take it for a day or two. However, regular use is said to improve the efficiency of the pill.

The Cons

Here are the cons of buying and using Capsiplex:

  • Not Available In Stores
    Bauer Nutrition has designed its business model to provide the best products possible for a low price. So, to avoid extra overhead costs, in-store purchases are not possible. Any other site selling the product should be reported as they may be selling counterfeit or fake pills.
  • Might Not Suit People With Caffeine Intolerance
    Some people have problems with the consumption of caffeine. These pills might not suit such people.

Potential Side Effects And Capsiplex Warning

This Capsiplex review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that some users of this product have hinted of a warning for prospective buyers due to the caffeine content in the product. 

According to the warning, if you are someone who drinks a lot of coffee or has a significant intake of stimulants throughout the day, these pills may increase the levels of caffeine in your body.

This is especially a problem if you take the pills before sleeping as this can negatively impact your sleep and rest. To resolve this problem, some users may have to cut down on their coffee or energy drink consumption throughout the day.

Capsiplex Reviews

During my research, I found several customer testimonials that can provide a better user-based viewpoint on how well this weight loss product works:

Paula started off by saying that the product did what the website claimed it would. She also mentions that she found the all-natural product to be a big advantage and that anyone who is trying to lose weight should give it a try.

SBK Kent found that after using these pills, he got a big boost in energy within a few days while seeing the slimming benefits after a few weeks. He did mention that he didn’t experience any appetite suppression when using the product but was more than happy with his purchase.

Sudha noticed her appetite being curbed with this weight loss pill while also experiencing the boost in energy that was stated.

Capsiplex Before And After Pictures

Our Verdict On These Capsaicin Pills

It should be noted that this is not one of the cheapest Capsaicin pills in the market and it also contains strong stimulants like caffeine.

But, if you are someone who is looking for a weight loss aid that can help burn off the excess fat while preserving lean muscle mass, you should consider getting these pills. As a weight loss supplement, this is a worthwhile pill for most users to buy, even if it is only available from the manufacturer’s site.

How To Buy Capsiplex?

If you have decided to buy these capsaicin pills, you will need to visit the official website to complete your purchase. On the site, you can choose to buy one or multiple packs for a lower cost per box.

The pricing for Capsiplex is as follows:

  • Buy 1 for USD 39.95
  • Purchase 2 and get 1 free for USD 79.90 (USD 26.63 per box)
  • Buy 3 and get 3 free for USD 119.85 (USD 19.97 per box)

Note that the manufacturers also provide free worldwide shipping, as well as 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

Visit The Official Website


Is Capsiplex Available In Stores?

No. Capsiplex is not available in stores. The manufacturers state that this is done to ensure that Capsiplex is sold at a nominal price.

Do Celebrities Use Capsaicin Pills For Weight Loss?

There are unconfirmed reports of actors using capsaicin pills to maintain their weight. However, there is no official news on celebrities using these pills.”

Do These Pills Work?

The ingredients used have been clinically proven to lose weight, increase energy levels and suppress appetite. Also, there are tons of customer testimonials online that suggest that these pills are helping them to lose and maintain their weight.”

Is Capsiplex Available in GNC?

No. Capsiplex is not a GNC product

Is Capsiplex FDA Approved?

Capsiplex is made in FDA approved facilities. Hence,  there is an assurance of high quality along with a 60 days money-back guarantee.

Where Can I Buy Capsiplex?

Capsiplex can be bought from the official website.



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