Breast Max Plus – Breast Enhancement Pills From Kimi Health & Beauty

Breast Max Plus from Kimi Health and Beauty is a breast enhancement pill that is growing in popularity.

This dietary supplement claims to give you firmer and bigger boobs just by taking a few pills.

Breast Max Plus

When I first found out about these breast enlargement supplements, I thought them to be a waste of money. However, after reading up on Breast Max Plus reviews, I am staying away from these pills.

Breast Max Plus:

Breast Max Plus is a pill that claims to help women increase the size of their breast. This supplement uses all-natural ingredients to make breasts bigger and firmer.

Some women have small breasts due to low levels of certain hormones. This can prevent satisfactory breast tissue development.

Pills like these contain herbs and spices to help boost this tissue development for natural breast enhancement.

Breast Max Plus Breast Enhancement Pills seems to be an alternative to surgery which can be expensive and dangerous.

However, you should know that this is not the instant breast growth solution some claim it is.

How Does This Breast Max Plus Work?

Most natural breast pills like this one work similarly. They claim to stimulate the production of hormones responsible for increasing breast size.

These hormones include estrogen, prolactin, and HGH. Nevertheless, unlike hormone therapy, these pills don’t contain any artificial hormones themselves.

Since the pills contain hormone boosting ingredients, they can also counter hormone imbalance that limits breast growth.

But, their primary role is to increase breast size and improve breast firmness, which they do well.

Breast Max Plus Ingredients:

The nine all-natural ingredients in Breast Max Plus:

  • Fenugreek Extract:
    Fenugreek is an estrogen booster that is clinically tested for breast growth. It stimulates the mammary glands to increase breast size and promote milk production.
  • Dong Quai Root Extract:
    Dong Quai is a hormone booster and also known as the Female Ginseng in Chinese medicine. It promotes the production of progesterone, a hormone for breast tissue development.
  • Watercress Powder:
    Watercress is a plant that helps increase estrogen production. This stimulates breast growth and improves breast firmness.
  • Vitamin E:
    Vitamin E is a favorite ingredient in pills, creams, and oils for breast enhancement. This is due to Vitamin E being effective at firming and tightening the boobs.
  • Blessed Thistle Root Powder:
    Blessed Thistle is a hormone boosting herb. It increases prolactin and estrogen production for natural breast growth. These hormones are also known to increase milk production in users.
  • Kelp Powder:
    Kelp stimulates the pituitary gland to boost prolactin production. This is done by activating the thyroid to produce more T3 and T4 hormones. To that end, this ingredient increases the fat concentration in the breasts.
  • Fennel Seed:
    Fennel seeds have a mild estrogenic effect that helps improve estrogen production. This, in turn, helps increase breast size and firmness.
  • L-Tyrosine:
    L-Tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It helps boost cell growth in the breast tissue. This ingredient also improves dopamine levels and is a precursor to the Thyroxine hormone.
  • Dandelion Root Powder
    Dandelion root has a lot of uses, including increasing bust size. Its estrogen-boosting attributes promote perkiness.

Breast Max Plus Ingredients

Side Effects Of Breast Max Plus:

I also researched the side effects of this pill. To conclude, I found no mention of any side effects for this particular dietary supplement.

I also noticed most all-natural pills that promote breast size also caused zero side effects. I believe this is due to the ingredients themselves not containing any hormones.

Breast Max Plus Benefits:

  • Breast Max Plus Gives Bigger Boobs:
    The natural ingredients in breast enhancement pills like Fenugreek help in increasing breast size. This is done by stimulating breast tissue development and increase breast fat-reserves.
  • Firmer Boobs:
    The hormone-boosting attributes of the pill help in improving the perkiness of your breasts. Firmer boobs and reduced breast sag are some of the expected results.
  • More Sensitive Breasts:
    The heightened estrogen levels not just help increase boob size but also breast sensitivity. So, this supplement allows your breasts and nipples to become more sensitive to the touch.
  • Improved Overall Health:
    Natural breast enhancement pills can help women with issues like hormonal imbalance with stabilized hormone levels. This can help support your libido, mood, and overall health.

Breast Max Plus Benefits

Does This Breast Growth Pill Work?

Not sure yet, it just isn’t an instant breast enlargement solution.

There are many products online claiming they give instant breast size increase. Albeit, might be one of them. Fortunately, most of us know better than to believe such hyped commercials.

I did not find any positive results for most women. This was after taking a look at several online websites, social media platforms and forums.


Breast Max Plus is made by Kimi Health and Beauty. They market their products under brand name Kimi Naturals.

Address: 14 Bond Street,  Great Neck, NY 11021


Claimed Pros:

  • Increases breast size naturally
  • Helps make boobs firmer
  • Improves breast and nipple sensitivity
  • Counters hormonal issues
  • Improves overall health and well-being of women
  • No known side effects
  • Many user testimonials available online
  • Can be purchased directly from manufacturers
  • Comes with worldwide shipping
  • Multiple bottles available with online deals


  • Doesn’t increase butt size
  • No topical cream/oil provided
  • No user reviews on the Internet
  • May increase overall weight

Breast Max Plus Price:

The manufacturer’s website for this dietary supplement comes with a few online deals for your benefit.

The online price for Breast Max Plus:

  • 30-day supply for USD 34.99 (Buy 1 Bottle)
  • 90-day supply for USD 69.98 (Buy 2 Bottles To Get 1 Free deal)
  • 150-day supply for USD 104.98 (Buy 3 Bottles To Get 2 Free deal)

I found out that Kimi Naturals provides worldwide shipping for its clients.

Also, Credit Card, Amazon Pay, and PayPal are the known payment options to buy this breast enhancement pill.

Breast Max Plus Review Summary:

Breast Max Plus is one of many breast enlargement pills available online. Most of these products provide similar results and benefits. Whereas, in this case, I did not find any women that have experienced good results with these pills.

While Breast Pills can’t give you an instant breast size increase like the adverts, I am NOT confident in its performance

Therefore, this breast pill is NOT recommended.

breastmax not recommended

Breast Max Plus Alternative

Blossom Breast Enhancement is a much popular breast enhancement pill. These pills are backed by online reviews and the market reputation. 

Blossom Breast Enhancement Highlights:

  • Blossom Breast Enhancement has lots of positive reviews online.
  • Made with natural herbs.
  • Blossom Breast Enhancement is cheaper compared to Breast Max Plus.
  • Blossom Breast Enhancement is manufactured by a reputed brand.
  • Comes with Money Back Guarantee.
  • Ingredients are superior and higher in quantity per serving.
  • 20% Limited Discount Available.

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Are These Pills Safe?

This supplement is made in the US from a scientifically designed formula. It’s also GMP certified and manufactured in an FDA registered facility, making it 100% safe to take.

Can Teenagers Use This Pill?

Talk to your doctor before using breast enhancement pills if you are under the age of 18.

Should I Use These After Giving Birth To Increase Breast Size?

Breast size increases due to hormonal boosts after giving birth. So, most women don’t need additional support to increase breast size at this time. If you think you do, consult your doctor first.

Is Weight Gain A Possibility With These Pills?

These pills help increase the fat concentration in the breasts. This may increase the overall weight for some women.

How Well Does It Help With Sagging Breasts?

The improved hormone levels should make your boobs firmer and reduce sagging. However, I don’t think it can make them perky like a 21-year-olds for most women.

How Many Cup Sizes Can I Expect To Gain?

It may be difficult to expect an increase of more than one cup size with any breast enhancement pill.

Can I Use These Pills To Increase My Butt Size?

This supplement is not designed to help increase butt size. However, some users have noticed this benefit as well. Albeit, you are better off buying a booty pill or cream if you want a bigger butt.

Can I Purchase Breast Max Plus In Stores?

Unfortunately, these pills are currently only available for purchase from the official site.

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