Top 8 Best Keto Apps For Tracking Carbs and Lose Weight

Carb Manager (Best Overall)

carb manager

Carb Manager is one of the most comprehensive keto diet apps on the market. You can track all of the basic metrics important for a keto diet: total carbs, net carbs, and fats. But you can also track many other things like ketones, blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and more.


You can use a Fitbit to track more than just what you eat. You can also measure how much water you drink, how much exercise you do, and your weight.

Carb Manager has a million food databases that you can use to log everything. You can scan the barcodes or upload pictures of foods. You can also enter information by speaking to it. Then it will sync with your Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other devices so that you know how many calories you have eaten. It also has recipes, educational content, and a community platform where people share recipes.

MyMacros+ (Best for Tracking Nutrients)

mymacros+MyMacros+ is a good app to track your food. It has more than five million foods in its database, and the interface is easy. So you will not be frustrated or have to spend a lot of time tracking what you eat. Instead, it is quick and fun when you see how great you are doing with MyMacros+.


MyMacros+ is not strictly a keto diet app, but it does support everything that a keto dieter needs. For example, you can log all of your macronutrients – including carbohydrates and net carbs, protein, and fats. The app even supports the logging of other nutrients important to the keto diet – like sugar and fiber.

With this app, you can log unlimited meals throughout the day. You can see how your diet affects your goals. The app will show you the nutritional information of every ingredient in a meal and daily. And even if you don’t have internet service, you still can log what you ate!

Senza (Best for Beginners)

senza appSenza values simplicity. Simplicity is important for a keto diet. This makes it great for beginners because it helps them easily transition from their old diet to the keto diet and feel good about it. They have an introductory “5 Days to Keto” program that gets you started on the keto diet by ensuring you are not feeling too bad during this process.


In your Senza Food Journal, you will track how much food you have eaten and how many carbs are in it. If you are on a keto diet, this is important. You can scan barcodes to know what is in the food. You can also search restaurant menus and find out what they have to eat that is keto-friendly. Senza will also let you keep track of how well you sleep or if your mood has changed since starting the keto diet.

If you are traveling, use the app’s keto radar feature. It will show you restaurants nearby that are keto-friendly, and you can eat at. You won’t have to do a lot of searching anymore, like on Google.

Total Keto Diet (Best App for Finding recipes):

total keto dietTotal Keto Diet is for beginners and experts. It is a free resource with information about carbs, recipes, keto news, blogs, and more. In addition, the Total Keto Diet includes the educational content of Tasteaholics in an app that also has a keto calculator, macro tracker, and food database to help you get started with keto.


On the app, you’ll find a lot of recipes that are good for your diet. There are recipes where you can add ingredients and make sure the net carb count is less than 25 grams. It is important to get at least 60 grams of protein every day. These recipes will taste good and fill you up too.

KetoDiet (Best for Community):

ketodiet appDo you like to do things with other people and like a little bit of competition? If so, this is the keto app for you. It has all of the important features of an app for a keto diet – tracking carbs, macros, weight, and body fat. But it also offers KetoDiet Challenges that can keep you motivated to stick to your low-carb diet.


KetoDiet is a great app. It makes sure that all the information it uses is accurate. Many other apps use crowd-sourcing, which means they don’t know if the information is correct. KetoDiet gets its information from sources that are trustworthy and verified by experts.

8fit (Best App for Integrating Fitness)

8fit app8fit is a place to keep track of your fitness and nutrition. The fact is that you can’t out-exercise an unhealthy diet, so you need to eat healthy food. But eating healthy food alone won’t make your goals because there are some things you want to work on, like building muscle or toning. So use 8fit, where you can keep track of both at the same time.


While 8fit is not just for keto dieters, you can use it to track your macronutrients. The app has nearly 1,000 different recipes that nutritionists have approved, and you can use the filter function to plan out a healthy keto meal. You can then use the shopping list function to plan your trip to the grocery store.

You can find educational stuff on nutrition and fitness on 8fit. There are guides, tip sheets, research-backed workout plans, meal plan templates, instructional videos, and more.

FatSecret (App For Goal Setting):

fatsecret appFatSecret is a healthy app that has all of the features you need to track what you eat. You can set overall goals, like weight and each macronutrient, for example, carbohydrates. That way, you know when to eat more or fewer carbs, so you stay in ketosis.


There is a program called FatSecret. It has good features, like a diary to keep track of what you eat. There is also an exercise diary to log your exercise sessions and see your progress over time. There are also pictures of food in the program that the computer can recognize.

You can be reminded of when you need to eat. You can also see how much weight you’re losing. A community platform helps you stay motivated in your diet. Finally, an overview helps you know what to eat every day, week, and month.

PlateJoy (Meal Planning App)

platejoy appPlateJoy is not only for people following a keto diet, but it supports them. If you are having trouble with meal ideas, recipes, or sticking to your keto plan, PlateJoy has got you covered. It will give you meals and grocery lists to solve all of those problems for just $8 per month.


You can download PlateJoy and take a quiz. First, you will answer questions such as what you want to eat, your health and fitness goals, food allergies, etc. Then, the app will give you a meal plan that is tailored to what you want. For example, if you are on the keto diet, the app gives you hundreds of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What is Keto Diet?

A keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. It can help you lose weight and improve your health. But some people think that the diet is too hard to keep up because it is strict.

Does Keto Diet Help You to Lose Weight?

The ketogenic diet can help you lose weight quickly. But it is not yet known if this diet is sustainable for ongoing weight loss maintenance. If you are trying a keto diet, try to eat healthy foods like olive oil, avocados, and nuts. Along with the keto diet, you can also try keto supplements which will help you to achieve results significantly.

Is a Keto Diet Healthy?

A keto diet may help you lose weight and may make your health better. You can do this by not eating carbs. This will change your body so it will burn fat for energy instead of sugar. Keto can improve cholesterol, blood pressure, and fasting blood sugar levels and lessen the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. It can also stop some seizures and neurological disorders from happening.

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