The Best Exercise To Stretch Your Spine – The Hanging Routine

Your spinal column is a very crucial part of the body that literally holds up your body.

There are 33 vertebrae in the spinal column. The vertebrae have important components between them called cartilages.

With the right exercises and supplements, these cartilage discs can be stretched to increase their size and elasticity.

Exercise To Stretch Your Spine

For adults whose growth plates have closed, increasing cartilage size can be the only option to grow taller.

It’s found that exercising to stretch the spine and the hanging routine is very effective.

Importance of spinal column exercises

The main function of the cartilage is to act as shock absorbers while providing separation between the vertebrae.

In addition, they are responsible for spinal flexibility and elasticity.

The thicker the discs, the longer your spinal column, and the taller you are.

The spinal column compresses every day due to gravity when you are seated or standing.

Thus, exercise to is very important to counter the routine compression of the discs.

Lying in the sleeping posture also relaxes and decompresses the spine.

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Want concrete proof of this?

Try this little experiment: Measure and note your height before bedtime. The next morning after waking up, measure your height again.

You should notice a difference of about an inch in height.

This is because sleep will decompress the cartilages that were compressed due to gravity throughout the day.

What then can you do about this gravity?

To retain that increase in height, you will need to preserve the one-inch decompression gained during sleep.

For a consistent increase in height, do some spinal column exercises.

These can flex the spinal column and increase fluid capacity in the discs.

This should help you thicken and strengthen the cartilages.

By making the spine longer and stronger, you will be able to grow taller, even as an adult.

Stretching the spine by hanging

There are several ways to stretch your spine for an increase in height. However, hanging is one of the simplest, easiest, and most effective methods.

It can help lengthen, stretch, and decompress the spinal column.

Even though this exercise is tedious, it is very helpful and you cannot afford to omit it from your daily routines.

Usually, the hanging exercise is broken down into 5 minutes workouts every day for maximum results. You can use whatever is available such as a chin-up bar, tree branch or playground equipment, so long as it works.

The bar should be positioned in a way that it can support the body weight, but high enough for the legs and feet to hang comfortably during the workout.

Hanging routine

The hanging routine has long been considered one of the best methods to gain an extra inch of height.

In this routine, take a five-minute hanging session every day, 6 times a week.

Note that you don’t have to do pull-ups with this hanging routine. You can spread the exercise throughout the day or do it all once.

While hanging, ensure that your shoulders are wide apart, and you should use an underhand grip and overhand grip interchangeably. This is very important in preventing over-extension of your shoulder, back, or arm muscles.

It is vital that you are disciplined and do a minimum of 5 minutes of hanging every day. You should spend at least 10 seconds on each repetition.

The more you do this routine, the easier it will get with each repetition.

The Iron Gym Workout Bar Review

The Iron Gym Workout Bar is, without a doubt, a quality tool to stretch your spine.

Iron Gym Workout Bar

This is an effective pull-up bar that can help you get taller by several inches. The Iron Gym Workout bar is made of sturdy steel. This bar can be purchased online.

It is designed to fit conveniently in most doorway frames and is easy to set up. It can also be removed and carried around with ease.

This durable workout bar has a 300 pounds holding capacity. It also fits doorways 24-32 inches wide without damaging the doorway.

Besides helping you to get taller by hanging, it can also strengthen your upper body muscles. Your back is also strengthened while your mid-section can end up becoming rock hard.

Used regularly, this tool can work to add inches to your height while improving your physique.

Remember, the point is to retain the inches gained from the decompression of your spinal column through stretching your spine.


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