Average Foot Size For Men & Women As Per Country

What is the Average Shoe Size? Are my toes of Average Length? We walk a lot – so we think about our feet a whole lot? Probably not – the sad part is, we take for granted these wonderful tools we were born with! The foot is an extremely important part of our everyday life – why not learn a little about it? This page covers these details, and more!


Your foot is made up of three major parts, 1) the Forefoot, 2) the Midfoot, and 3) the Hindfoot. The Instep is known as the arched part of the top of the foot, lying between the toes and the ankle. The combination of all these parts make the foot – and eventually, translate to an average shoe size! As you may have guessed, average foot size varies heavily by gender as well as age, please refer to the following chart:

Average Shoe Size Chart
Country Male Female
United States Size 9 (43) Size 7 (39)
Canada Size 10 (43.5) Size 6.5 (38.5)
United Kingdom Size 9 1/2 (43) Size 7 (39)
China Size 8 (41) Size 5 1/2 (37.5)

Average shoe size data is difficult to achieve, and resultantly, this data is a reflection of the most ‘common’ shoe sizes varying by gender and country. It appears the average male shoe size hovers around a size 9, and the average female shoe size around a size 7.

Average Toe Length

At this point, it appears average toe length is an extremely variable subject, and there can be no details specifically achieved on the subject. As is widely understood, toe length in proportion to foot size is not a discernable relationship and could vary greatly.

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Toe Nail Growth

Did you know that Toe Nails are a form of hair? Wow! A pretty interest fact indeed. They also grow at an average rate of 3mm (0.12 inches) per month. In stark contrast to Finger Nails, Toe Nails require a full 12-18 months in order to re-grow completely. It should be noted that nails have been observed to grow faster during the summer.

Average Shoe Size By Height

The shoe size is relatively proportional to male height, especially after puberty. Tall men have larger feet than average-height or shorter men (1,2).

Male Height Shoe size
5’5″ or shorter 7 to 9
5’6″ to 5’9″ 9.5 to 10.5
5’10” to 6’2″ 11 to 12.5
6’3″ and taller 13 to 20+

Variables can affect this, including age, activity level, and weight (3).

Taller women have larger feet since they require a larger base for balance. Shorter women have smaller feet since they need a smaller base.

Age Female Height Shoe size
Over 20 4’9″ to 5’3″ 5 to 8.5
Over 20 5’4″ to 5’7″ 6.5 to 10
Over 20 5’8″ to 6′ or taller 9 to 15

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