Average Eyesight

This page aims to answer all your average eyesight and vision-related questions. “What does 20/20 vision mean?” and other questions are popular among information seekers – this fact page will shed light on these details!

Average Eyesight

Average Vision is defined as 20/20 Vision. This may come as a shock to most people, but this number indicates the following:

1st 20 – The individual can see a letter-size from 20 feet away
2nd 20 – The average individual sees this letter also from 20 feet away

As such, there is a method for what constitutes better than average, and worse than average vision. The chart is illustrated in the following:

Average Eyesight/Vision
20/40Very Poor

As illustrated above, an individual with 20/10 vision can read the text at a 20-foot distance that the average person would need to stand 10 feet away to read.

Adie Syndrome:

Adie Syndrome is a form of neurological disorder affecting the pupil of a person’s eye.

Some causes include:

  • headache
  • blurry vision
  • facial pain

Adie syndrome can occur due to conditions like surgery, trauma, lack of blood flow, or infection.

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