Average Breast Size

Average Breast Size

This page is concerned with Average Breast Sizes among females in different countries, as well as different time periods. It attempts to bring accurately, and up-to-date data on the subject of Average Cup Sizes, Average Bra Sizes and the sizes of breasts themselves.

Average Cup Size

The Average Cup Size in theĀ United States, based on information available is displayed in the following chart.

Cup Size Percentage of Population
AA Cup 2%
A Cup 15%
B Cup 44%
C Cup 28%
D Cup 10%
DD Cup 1%
As discussed on our home page, it appears the Average Cup Size is normal distribution in nature, with the highest percentage of the population occurring in the B Cup range at 44%. Outliers in this distribution are defined by the AA and DD Cups, making up less than 3% of all the population.

There have also been a number of studies conducted regarding the explicit average size of breasts themselves. These studies are illustrated in the following chart.

Time Period Average Breast Size
1996 34B
2010 36C

Increasing Trend…

There are a number of reasons behind the evident increase in breast size over the past years, and these theories include weight gain, as well as a number of fashion-based biases that could possibly skew results.

You can also use different clothing styles, bra types, makeup, and even breast enhancement pills or breast enlargement serums to change the appearance of your breasts and boost your confidence.

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