A-grow-bics: The Workout Guaranteed To Make You Taller?

Finally, someone did it! Some trendy gym called Gymbox is offering a workout program called A-grow-bics that guarantees to make you taller.

This height growth workout utilizes a host of techniques designed to get you taller.

Up to 2″ taller in fact, and in only 6 weeks.

A-grow-bics by GymBox

The program was founded by fitness trainer Pierre Pozzuto who himself grew from 5′ 7″ to 5′ 9″.

When he was 26 years old, Pierre, who was always unsatisfied with his stature, followed a series of exercises designed to make him grow taller.

After growing 2″ within a few months, he founded this program for others who also want to get taller. Currently, A-grow-bics is available in the Farringdon (London) GymBox location.


How does A-grow-bics work?

A-grow-bics is a 6-week workout program designed for optimal release of HGH through exercise.

It also involves stretches, specialized equipment, and other specific workouts targeted to help you get taller.

A-grow-bics - Before And After Height Measurements

Participants are tracked at every session to measure progress. So, at the end of the 6-week course, you should clearly notice yourself getting taller.

The 6-week course blends together six aspects to promote height growth:

1) The Rack

A-grow-bics - The Rack

The rack is a medieval torture device that stretches a person to stretch the spine and induce HGH production.

However, in the case of this workout program, your body is gradually stretched. This works to decompress your spinal cartilage as well as promote HGH and tissue production for stretched muscles.

2) Inversion exercises

A-grow-bics - Inversion Exercises

Hanging upside down to stretch the spine. This decompresses the spine which stimulates growth by forcing fluids into the space between the vertebrae disks.

This one is easy, so long as you can get yourself into position. Participants have found that along with height gain, these exercises have also improved focus and energy levels.

3) Repeat sprinting

A-grow-bics - Short Sprints

Sprinting in short bursts repeatedly. This causes micro-fractures in the bones which heal stronger and possibly longer.

This concept is the same one used by bodybuilders who perform intense workouts to improve muscle size.

4) Pilates

A-grow-bics - Pilates

Pilates is incorporated into this workout because it can improve posture and spinal column alignment. Traditionally, this exercise is said to alleviate lower back pain while improving balance.

It also provides muscle conditioning benefits for men and women. So, not only does it help your flexibility and height growth, but it also helps you get leaner.

5) Strength training

A-grow-bics - Strength Training

Strength training uses weights to improve lean muscle growth by increasing tissue micro-fractures. When this is done with the other workouts, it allows your body to build and stretch the muscle fibers.

In the end, it improves strength, flexibility, and height gain.

6) Intense cardio

A-grow-bics - Intense Cardio

HGH production is maximized at a point above lactate threshold intensity, so these exercises put you in that optimal state.

This is done by following intense interval training by using short sprints and cycling for effective GH production.

7) Yoga

A-grow-bics - Yoga

The stretches and poses inherent in yoga are also some of the key techniques for growing taller. Some of the more important ones are mountain poses, downward-facing dog, simply supported backbends, and simple reclining twists.

Yoga also has several other health benefits including improved concentration, mood, flexibility, balance, and muscle tone.

Does A-grow-bics work?

According to a newspaper journalist from the Daily Mail, it works.

Contrary to the other ones that just tried out one or two sessions, she stuck through the whole program and gained almost 2″!

Granted, most of the extra height came from a decompressed spine and improved posture and your spine will eventually compress back again.

However, Pierre claims if you keep up the stretches and exercises, at least some of the gains will be permanent.

Who wouldn’t want to add 2 inches to their height, right?

It’s almost a dream come true for some shorter people.

So, I checked and GymBox A-grow-bics costs £200 for six 1-hour sessions.

Compared to spending $100,000 and a year of pain for leg lengthening surgery, this is a bargain.

Unfortunately, this program is only available at GymBox’s Farringdon gym.

For anyone else who can’t participate in A-grow-bics, Grow Taller 4 Idiots has a similar at-home height growth workout program. 

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