9 Reasons You Should Have Sex Daily

We can all agree that sex is great, it feels good, and excitement of being intimate with your special someone brings new meaning to life every time. But while this may sound true for the ‘honeymoon period’ of most relationships, but after a few decades, the priority for finding reasons to have sex seems to go down. While we can caulk this up to changing hormones due to aging or just the way things are, there are more reasons you should be having sex other than reaching ecstasy with the ‘big O.’ And not only should you be having more sex, you should be doing so every day.

9 Reasons You Should Have Daily Sex

That’s right, today, we will be discussing nine reasons you should have daily sex:

1. Daily Sex Improves Sexual Stamina & Endurance

We have talked about premature ejaculation in our earlier articles. According to our research, you can combat premature ejaculation by just getting in more practice. That’s right, if you have sex more often, your body and mind will be more in tune with your partner’s which helps reduce stress and improves your sexual endurance. This is a very important reason to have daily sex because having premature ejaculation problems can seriously affect your long-term relationship. To sum it up, ‘Practice Makes Perfect.’

2. Daily Sex Can Improve Your Chance Of Enjoying Multiple Orgasms

Did you know that women aren’t the only ones who can have multiple orgasms? According to a study by The Kinsey Institute, it was found that 20% of men can have multiple orgasms while for women, this number comes out to be 14%. However, it’s known that women need more time to reach orgasm making it more difficult for them. So, the best way to increase your odds of having multiple orgasms is to have sex as frequently as you can.

3. Daily Sex Boosts Your Immune System

Having sex is good for your health, according to the experts. Your body releases more Immunoglobulin A during sex. This ingredient is part of the immune system which helps better protect your health against the common flu.

Daily Sex Boosts Your Immune System

4. Daily Sex Brings Spice To Your Sex Life

If you have been following the same old routine in bed as in the past, you are really missing out. Sex is supposed to be fun and to make it spicier, you can use different sex positions, toys, and other marital aids. You can even find a whole section on Amazon for your sexual health needs that will have you exploring new horizons with your partner soon. Having sex every day with fresh lubricants, sex toys and other variations can help spice up your sex life and improve your relationship with your partner.

5. Daily Sex Has Anti Aging Benefits

That’s right, having daily sex is the key to staying young. According to Dr. David Weeks, ‘Sex is the most intense kind of pleasure and that triggers certain chemicals. In women, it produces a human growth hormone which helps the process.’ Dr. Weeks came to this conclusion after interviewing over 3500 people which proven how solid his point is.

6. Daily Sex Improves Brain Health

Animals have sex to procreate while humans have sex to procreate and have fun while doing so. According to new research into the relationship between our brain and sexual activity, it was found that sex activates more parts of the brain than previously understood. So, what this means is that when you have regular sex, you are working and stimulating your brain, helping its neuroplasticity and brain health. The parts that are most stimulated include the hippocampus, hypothalamic area, thalamus, basal forebrain and the amygdala.

Daily Sex Improves Brain Health

7. Daily Sex Boosts Mental Health.

Like we just mentioned in the previous point, having regular sex can help improve brain health and it can also help improve your mental health. We know that having an orgasm when you are very stressed can be impossible, but a little cuddling and a little intimacy can help relax your mind. This works because cuddling releases oxytocin and dopamine which are both hormones that help reduce your stress levels and combat anxiety. They can also improve your mental health by fighting off long-term depression and stress.

8. Daily Sex Keeps You Fit And Physically Healthy

Staying fit and healthy should be part of everyone’s daily activity and what better way to help stay fit and physically healthy than by having sex every day. You can even lose weight if you have daily sex which is great news for many people who are struggling with weight issues. Sex can also help strengthen your leg, back, hip, and abdominal muscles while enhancing your cardiovascular system. Simply put, have more sex and get fit in no time.

9. Daily Sex Gives You Different Types Of Orgasms

Orgasms are more difficult for women to experience than men because of the slow buildup of arousal and stimulation they require to reach climax. And a less known fact about female orgasms is that many women never get to experience a vaginal orgasm which is achieved through penetration. For women, the most common type of orgasm comes from clitoral stimulation and not during sexual intercourse, often forcing many women to fake their orgasms to satisfy their partner’s expectations. The advantage of having daily sex is that increased frequency of having sex can lead to experiencing different types of orgasms.

Experience Different Types Of Orgasms

These were the nine reasons you should have daily sex with number ten being the most obvious: Having Fun. And while we are all different types of people with different likes, wants and needs, most of us don’t need any reasons for being intimate with our partner because we realize that having sex is not just a physical connection, but also an emotional and spiritual one. So, remember that the benefits sex brings us are precious as we are one of the few species who have the pleasure of enjoying sex.