9 Foods To Improve Your Sex Life

Most of us know that eating from fast food places and eating frozen meals is just asking for excess weight gain while becoming physically unfit, lethargic and even depressed. However, what we don’t realize is that eating unhealthy foods can really affect all parts of our life, including our sex life.

Yes, you read correctly, eating some foods can suppress your libido and cause your sex life to suffer. Fortunately, there is good news because just like there are foods that cause a decline in your sex life, you can also eat some healthy nutrient-rich foods that can re-energize your sex life to what it was when you were younger.

Foods That Improve Your Sex Life

A little research will reveal that there are foods that have been taken by people for centuries for their useful sexual health-boosting benefits. Our researchers have compiled you a list of the top 9 foods that will improve your sex life:


Did you know that zinc deficiency is a known problem for many men? The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that the men lose about 5 mg of zinc every time they ejaculate. To help improve zinc levels, you can eat Oysters which can contain over 170% of the daily intake of zinc.

Oysters also help improve sexual performance by helping boost sperm production and regulate hormone levels of testosterone. Oysters are also great for women as they are chock-full of vitamins and minerals that can help boost libido.

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Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is known as the sexiest aphrodisiac in the world and science backs this claim as it’s found that chocolate, especially dark chocolate stimulates phenylethylamine and serotonin production. These chemicals make you feel like you are in love and the reason that every woman out there loves them.

However, it’s been found that dark chocolate is the best type of chocolate for improving your sex life as it doesn’t contain the added sugar and fat of the other varieties. Dark chocolate also contains caffeine and antioxidants to boost flow to the genital regions of both partners, making for a genuinely sensual sexual experience.

Dark Chocolate


Most of you will be surprised to find good old H2O on this list because no one realizes how vital water is to their healthy sex life. Water keeps you hydrated while you expend all your energy in bed.

It’s also said to make sperm and virginal fluids taste more pleasant. But what you should understand is that what comes out of us is the result of what goes in. So, eating a Big Mac or a Caesars Salad can make your sexual taste change. Think about that the next time you are on a dinner date.


Bananas are rich in potassium that helps provide you with a great amount of energy while also containing folate which promotes blood flow. Folate can also help reduce recovery time for improved sex life while also improving the chance of conception. Bananas also boost bone density and metabolism which can help you prevent injury during sex.

Chilli Peppers

Another well-known aphrodisiac is chilli peppers which can cause our tongue to burn, heart to race and ramp up our desires as well. The active chemical in chilli peppers is called Capsaicin and is responsible for boosting your sex life by enhancing your sexual senses. Capsaicin promotes fat burn by increasing your metabolic rate while raising your stamina and energy levels.

Chilli Peppers can heighten your skin’s sensitivity, something that can only be a plus when having sex. The increased sensations of touch can truly help ramp up your sex life, all you have to do is eat a chilli a few minutes before sex.

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An unlikely food that can help improve your sex life is gelatin. This food is not one that you would expect on this list, but it has values that can help you and your partner get adventurous in bed. A study conducted at Ball State University in 1998 found that gelatin can help reduce joint pain in athletes.

The way gelatin does its work is by helping strengthen and heal the connective tissue of your joints and cartilage. This help will allow you to try new positions with ease while eliminating your previous pains and aches during sex.



The food with the least sex appeal on our list will surely be Oatmeal. But what this food excels in is keeping you at the top of your game at night. Oatmeal contains a fibre called beta-glucan which improves the immune system and helps reduce cholesterol levels by 23%, according to studies conducted.

A reduction in cholesterol can equate to twice the decrease in the risk of heart disease. Another critical factor that helps oatmeal boost your sex life is that it helps promote hormone production which is essential if you want to go at it for the whole night.


If you truly want to boost your sex life, Blueberries are something that you should have on your grocery list. This fruit is full of nutrients and antioxidants which help raise oxygen levels in the body, promote your immune system and increase your blood flow to the genitals for fireworks in bed.

Blueberries also help improve memory and focus so that you can truly knock their socks off and remember your name for the rest of their lives. It also helps improve your health by boosting metabolism and promoting fat burn of the stomach, leading to trim and flat set of abs, enhancing your sex appeal as well as your sex life.

Red Wine

For most of us, red wine is a great way to loosen up and calm down so that we can enjoy the company and conversation on our date. But did you know that red wine can also help improve your sex life? It’s an ancient aphrodisiac used for thousands of years and even contains some health benefits including providing antioxidants for improved blood flow and Resveratrol which while reducing the danger of blood clots and heart disease.

Red Wine

So, now you know what to get at the grocery store for the weekend ahead that is bound to be full of passion and pleasure for you and your partner. And don’t forget to practice safe sex so that you can truly enjoy yourself without a problem.