6 Health Benefits of Playing Golf

On the outside, golf does not seem like a hard sport. But it would be wrong to forget about all of the health benefits of 18 holes.

Some people think that golf is old-fashioned or boring, but this is not true. There are many misconceptions about golf, such as: “you can’t play the course until you’re good.” This is not true because even if you make a mistake, you still get a chance to try again and improve your game. The goal of golf is not just to hit as far as possible; sometimes, it’s also important to focus on accuracy and precision while aiming for different targets on the trail map.

golf health benefits

When you golf, you are connected to your body and all the things that happen there. People might think that golf is just a game or fun. But it also gives benefits like being healthy. Golf can be a workout too! A study found in 2016 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that golf can give people health benefits like being able to work out and help your mind be better too!

Health Benefits of PlayingGolf

1. Strength and endurance

Golf is a great game, and it can be played on golf courses. Golf courses involve lots of walking, which builds your quads and hamstrings. People who walk 18 holes will take around 11,245-16,667 steps. People who ride carts will only take 6,280 steps.

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For perspective, golfers who walk the course end up walking four to eight miles. Those who ride in a cart only walk about three miles. Andrew Creighton (DO, physiatrist at Hospital for Special Surgery ) says that those who walk the course get more exercise than those who ride on a cart.

2. Aerobic fitness

Creighton talks about the scoping review. It found that though high-intensity exercises are better for cardiovascular improvement, golf can still be good enough to improve aerobic fitness. Plus, golf is a good way to do low-impact exercise because it’s not good to HIIT every day. Improvements in known risk factors for cardiovascular disease like physical inactivity, blood lipid and insulin-glucose levels, body composition, and aerobic fitness have been seen with people who practice golf.

Golf is a good way to get exercise if you need it. If you have problems with your heart or if you have had a stroke, then speak to your doctor before playing golf. Golf is a good way to get exercise if you need it. If you have problems with your heart or if you have had a stroke, then speak to your doctor before playing golf.

3. Balance and Core Stability

The truth is that golf can be a good abs exercise. You need to try hard. If you focus on your swing and your core, then you will be accurate too. It has been suggested that older golfers may gain improved balance, muscular function, and strength by playing golf.

4. Flexibility

Stretching is important in sports. Flexibility helps with the swing and reduces injury.

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5. Stress-reduction

Moderate exercise like golf can help you to reduce stress and anxiety. And spending time in nature can help to reduce stress and mental fatigue. It is important at this time because many people feel like that.

With some people feeling good about themselves and others feeling bad, there is conflicting evidence about how golf affects mood and anxiety. Some people say they feel relaxed when they play golf, which can help them fight stress.

6. Connectedness

There have been several studies about the benefits of golf. Golf can help your social life by getting to know other people. It is also a good opportunity for you to get to know different generations because it can be played by people of all ages. Golf usually takes four or five hours, and during that time, you can get to know many other players. What else could you do that would allow for such a long time with others?

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