How to reduce hair fall naturally

Okay guys, I am sure you would have come here to stop your receding hairline growing back to baldness. This situation has happened with me too. And after surfing all the internet, I found some handy natural home remedies which worked for me and I stopped my hairfall. So the story begins here.

I am an 18-year-old boy or man. My hair fall was on a rise from past few months. My family has genetic baldness, that occurs in the 30s. I stopped playing much outside due to study pressure and tuition timings since when I was 14. I am skinny from childhood and my health was on a much toll because of the stress by studies, future planning and high oily diet. Earlier I used to apply oil daily but stopped using it too after 14. I think all the bad things happened when I was 14. My health was deteriorated from inside. Also I used to eat a lot of junk those days.

Now when I was 16, I wanted to gain some mass because I had become super skinny. I went to the gym for three months, gained 10 kgs and then stopped and suddenly got sick and then lost 5 kgs. But in these 3 months I gained much knowledge so that I could continue my workout and target every muscle of my body at home. I gradually gained 10 kgs over a year as I didn’t manage to eat a proper diet along with the Jee preparation and 12th board exams. But I got proper cuts and always used to stay active than ever before. Still, I was on the skinny side. You would have noticed why have I explained so much in detail about my weight and life history. These all are the little contributions to my hair health. And now the situation gets worse. After board examinations, we have long 4 months to join any college. I was very determined that first day of college, and I would be a handsome hunk and get attention from my peers. That’s what we get from Bollywood movies, in reality no one gives a bullshit about anyone. In these 4 months, I did nothing but lay down on my bed from morning to evening. Daily I used to say that I will start my workout from tomorrow but that day never came. In the meantime, I grew my hair long , not so long, around 10-12 cms or 4-5 inches. That was the first mistake.This image is just for illustration, this is not me.This image is just for illustration, this is not me.

I never cared for them. I used to shampoo them once a week and only wash them twice a week. That was the summer season, sometimes we get heavy sweat, in this time my scalp got so much damaged. Second mistake. Also I used to drink a very low amount of water, around 1 liter whereas we need 4-5 liters minimum in summers. Third mistake was that. At the end of four months, I seriously needed to do something. I saw videos on Youtube, searched for blogs, images, facts anything. After some research, I wrote down a few things but never actually did them until two more months passed and I saw my front hairline backed off in several parts leaving some patches. At this point, I was shocked. Also, I forgot to tell, that my hair was less dense from the beginning and they always used to stay down, they never stood up, I couldn’t style them and that also ruined my farewell party or any other occasion or even photoshoot. They were silky and very soft. Also in the last year I used to stay depressed all the time because of the serious health condition of one of the family members. That was a major contribution to my hair loss. Major reason !!

Now, I had hair left with very less density, unmanageable, receding hairline. Now was the time. First thing, I strictly changed my shampoo to a natural one. Though no product can be considered real or natural today but atleast ‘something is better than nothing’ and these shampoo are also certified from the health associations. My shampoo is Vatika hair shampoo. Really, there is no promotion here, I just used whichever I found, you can use any natural shampoo you find.

Then I saw some home remedies. I started applying onion juice mixed with coconut oil on the scalp . Grind the onion and filter the juice and add some drops of coconut oil. Note, earlier in my entire life, I never used to apply oil on my scalp, I just used to rub it on my head for the gloss, believe me, you have to oil them deep in the scalp and massage the head slowly for 7-10 mins, be gentle and calm. Also heat it a little to a warm temperature so that with the massage, the pores open on the head and absorb the juice conveniently. Let it sit for 20 mins. It isn’t just a home remedy, it actually has strong science behind its application. I used to apply twice a week and then wash it with shampoo to cut the smell. At the end of the bath, I used to pour cold water over my head to close the pores. Then I started pat drying my hair with calm and easiness. Because while the hair is wet they break off in large numbers. No comb until the hair has dried naturally. Then take a wide-open hairbrush with large spaces and comb the hair. Once in 2 weeks, I apply just coconut oil with a Vitamin E capsule tore into it. Then I wash my hair with water. Otherwise, just oil the hair and wash them on alternate days. Apply the oil for 30 mins.
Also stop using hair straighteners, dyes and blow dryer, if you really care for your hair, just for a while unless its too important.
Don’t take the stress. Though it comes uncalled, first stop seeing stories of people on social media who are in relationships. Really their ups and downs give stress to other people seeing their reactions and stuff. Second, just for five minutes meditate, well this generation looks it as old and boring , me too. Close the eyes, inhale-exhale and concentrate on the breath, do not control it. Just observe it for mere minimum 3 minutes. Just for the sake of hair, do it.

Also try to find the ways to laugh and be happy from inside. Play some youtube videos or something that gives you enjoyment. You might be taking a lot of stress these days.
You also have to be healthy from inside for healthy hair, therefore I started drinking water in adequate amount. Also I told you that I am skinny from childhood that’s why I saw some way of gaining mass and came up with calisthenics. It’s costless and includes a self-body weight workout. One thing I do is handstand. While I just can’t do it, I try to do it with the help of a wall just to increase the blood flow towards the head part. Now, that’s science. Sometimes, I hang my head on the side of the bed to gain the blood flow towards the head, but handstand works way better, it also builds the shoulder muscles.

I have started eating more and healthy. While there is no chance that I can stay away from the junk food and in some sort of way, I also need it for some time, just to increase the weight, but I never stick to it. Its not that important, its just an option , i can live without it too. My junk appetite has significantly decreased.

Also if you could just do, try to rub the fingernails of opposite hands with each other which is supposed to force the brain to induce the chemicals to grow prominent hair strands.
I once used fenugreek seeds too, and also bought fenugreek oil, but I suppose that’s not for my hair type, because they really ruined my hair. Almost 50 hair strands fell on that day.
Now I flow less hands in my hair to set them which is a cause of hair fall and my hair fall has unexpectedly decreased from 10 hair strands in 3 hand strokes to just 1 hair strand in 2 hand strokes.

It wasn’t easy for me to change my habits and I don’t know from where this motivation continued in me for 3 weeks now my hair fall has reduced. I can proudly say, I have stopped my hair fall. But that doesn’t mean my previous receded hairline has grown back, it is where it was, but for my future, it will remain as that forever. Sorry, I didn’t click any detailed pics of my hair earlier, so I couldn’t show them here. Also, some say that the hairline will not grow back but some say, it can happen slowly over time if we continue applying onion juice with coconut oil. Now my next milestone is to grow my hairline back and I will try my best.
I followed my routine for 2 weeks and just in the beginning of 3rd week, I noticed some great changes, I am sure that it will happen to you too, if you follow this routine. Some people also said that hair fall can be a reason for less biotin so now I daily eat 2 boiled eggs. Once in awhile, I eat paneer or chicken momos or butter chicken that also gives much nutrition. I do not use any intoxicants, no smoking, no liquor, no drugs. Awkwardly , I don’t even drink tea or coffee, just milk, if am sure , drinking tea or coffee doesn’t affect the hair life.

Try to wear a cap under harsh sunlight and get healthy sleep instead of using phone late night. Really it doesn’t have any good health effect. Avoid using the cap of other people to avoid transmitting any disease or lice.
All these points seem to control my hairfall, if you have any doubts or queries please comment them below. Do follow us for more healthy content and share with your loved ones. Also feel free to comment any topic you would want for the next post.

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