How to improve your eyesight

In the age of screens, our eyes are strained and abused daily.
It is medically recommended that people should use phones for less than 2 hrs a day.
Long hours of the bright screen can badly affect your eyes. If you don’t believe it, try watching far away after heavy usage of the phone and things look blurry. PUBG players could relate to that.
That why we have got some exercises and tips for you. to how to improve your eyesight
Practice these exercises regularly and watch your eyes gaining healthy eyesight.

Here are some exercises for how to improve eyesight

  • Now, look at the sides left and right. Do not move your neck. 20 times
  • Now look  left- up- right-down. 20 times
  • Sit on a chair and keep your body relaxed. Take a pen and close one eye and bring it to the eye level, focus on the tip. Move the pen close and away from the eye. 10 time. This exercise works on your focusing skills and the muscles in the eyes.
  • This exercise requires two people to stand opposite to each other at a distance of 4-5 meters. Take a ball, throw it. As soon as the other person catches the ball, blink while looking at the ball. When he throws the ball back to you, blink again. This works on the flexibility of the eye lens.
  • Sit. Close your eyes. Rub your hands for a minute to generate warmth. Place the hands-on eyes to cup cover them. Do not press me. Keep your eyes open and count 20. Let your eyes see the darkness.
  • As we stare the computer screens all day and focus on it, we often forget to blink. So, a 15-minute break every 2 hours helps to relax the eyes and rehydrate them.

For a healthy eye-sight, you should eat the right food

Here are some foods for good eye health

Carrot and Indian Gooseberry juice

How to improve eyesight
  • This juice is filled with vitamin‘ and important antioxidants.

It greatly helps to relax eye muscles and improve eyesight. It even works for people with eye-related disorders.

One glass every morning on an empty stomach will work its magic. Try this for 2-3 months and you’ll observe such results that’ll not only help your eyes but the overall health

Almond, Fennel and Crystal sugar powder

How to improve eyesight

If making juice every day sounds too much work for you, try making a powder that you can add to the milk before bed.

  • 60 almonds, 16 tablespoons of fennel seeds and 12 tablespoons of crystal sugar
  • Grind these ingredients to a fine powder, keep it in glass or a plastic jar away from sunlight.
  • Two tablespoons of this powder, in one glass milk before bed, helps in eye-brain coordination.

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