how to do pushup

how to do pushup

Hey pal, feeling low? Do those jerks make you ashamed of your body shape? Wanna get ripped off ? Here’s the science. how to do pushup

This is clearly same for everyone. Bulky people need to eat low and work out. Skinny people need to eat high and work out.

Today we’re gonna tell you about the most basic exercise. Lets start with the pushup.

Pushups are one of the home workouts that are

  • Body- weight dependent
  • Easy
  • Equipment free
  • Work on many muscle groups at the same time.

Power of pushup

They target arms, chest, shoulders, neck, back, abdominals, wrists and wing muscles.

let’s start with how to do pushups

Regular push-up

how to do push-ups

  • Lie on your stomach.
  • Place your hands on the floor beneath the shoulders.
  • As you push your body up, keep the body straight.
  • Slowly descend the body till your arms come parallel to the floor

They target the upper body.

Knee push-up

how to do push-ups

Knee push-ups are presumed for people who face difficulty in regular pushups.

  • Start with a regular pushup with knees touching the floor.

Wide- arm push-up

how to do push-ups

  • Place your hands wider than shoulder-width apart
  • Perform a pushup.

They target chest and shoulder muscles specifically.

Diamond push-up

how to do push-ups
Our friend nailed it on bars.

  • Place your hands together in a diamond shape under your chest.
  • Perform a pushup

They target triceps.

One-handed push-up

how to do push-ups

  • Start with your feet out wide.
  • Support one hand on an adjacent leg.
  • Pushup.

They target chest, shoulder, triceps & core muscles.

Inclined push-up

how to do push-ups

  • Place your hands on an elevated surface.
  • Perform a pushup

They target lower chest & back muscles.

Declined push-up

how to do pushup

  • Start with your feet on an elevated surface and chest declined towards the floor.

They target upper chest & shoulder muscles specifically.

Handstand push-ups

And now the most badass pushup awaits you.

Believe me bruh, if you can do this one, you are SUPERMAN.

  • Begin with a handstand.
  • Lower your body and bend the arms.
  • Push your body up harder.

how to do pushup

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