11 Health Problems Which Can Be Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

No man on earth wants ever to have to deal with Erectile Dysfunction, but over 30 million men in the United States have to do just that.

We are aware of sexual health problems become more common as we grow older but did you know that one in two men between the ages of 40 and 70 have been found to suffer from ED?

Yes, this is not some minor problem that has to be dealt with privacy but a significant issue that we need to face head-on.

Erectile Dysfunction And Other Health Problems

So, researchers have conducted studies into this and have found some health problems that can be linked to a man having erectile dysfunction, here they are:

Heart Attack:

Heart attacks are caused when the arteries are blocked, which is also why many men have ED. The blockages in the heart muscles usually occur a few years after the blockage of the arteries that supply blood to the penis. The reason the arteries in the penis get blocked first is due to these arteries being smaller and thinner. This blockage results in poor erections and Erectile Dysfunction.


According to the experts, men with depression have been found to suffer from sexual health problems like Erectile Dysfunction, but they are often unclear as to which caused what. If you are depressed, this can dampen your sex drive and leave you with little desire or energy to have sex. Doctors say that if the depression can be treated, sexual functions can return to normal.

CAD (Coronary Artery Disease):

Coronary Artery Disease causes arteries to become stiff and narrow due to the buildup of plaque and cholesterol. CAD is also the biggest cause of death in the United States. The narrowing and stiffing of the arteries that lead to heart disease can be traced back to earlier signs of Erectile Dysfunction as younger men in their 40s, according to one study.

Prostate Cancer:

Prostate cancer creates an abnormal growth in the prostate gland that can be required to be operated on to get rid of cancer. So, the prostate cancer itself doesn’t cause ED. What can cause ED is the prostate cancer surgery if the nerves are injured. Radiation therapy that combats cancer can also damage the blood vessels and nerves which have been known to cause Erectile Dysfunction.


Diabetes is a health problem that is the biggest effect on your sexual health and performance. When you have diabetes, your nerves can end up damaged, and your blood flow to the penis can also be reduced. Both these problems that are caused due to diabetes can result in men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a painful autoimmune disease that results in chronic inflammation of the joints, usually of the hands. This inflammation is said to be the reason for men with RA having Erectile Dysfunction. According to studies, the disease can cause the inflammation of blood vessels that affect the penile blood flow, resulting in erectile dysfunction. As for the medications that are taken for RA like anti-inflammatories, they seem to have been able to help erectile dysfunction as well.

Liver Disease:

Liver Disease has been linked to causing ED for men as this disease is known to cause higher levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). This is a compound that reduces the levels of free testosterone in the body and the lack of testosterone affects sexual health and causes ED in many men. The severity of liver disease also affects the level of ED you experience, which is not good news for those who enjoy their alcohol without control.

liver disease


Dementia is not a physical health problem but a mental issue that is caused due to a decline in cognitive function and memory. A 2015 study found that the men who had ED had 1.68 times the chance of developing dementia compared to men who didn’t have ED. However, experts are still not sure whether its Dementia that causes ED or the other way around.

Restless Leg Syndrome:

According to a recently published study, men who suffer from restless leg syndrome have found to have 78% of a greater chance of having ED when compared to men without restless leg syndrome. Experts think that a low level of dopamine, along with reduced sleeping quality, low testosterone levels and depression can cause Erectile Dysfunction and restless leg syndrome.


Obesity and being obese has been researched and evaluated to be linked to ED via many health problems. Men who are obese are often very self-conscious about their bodies which is a factor in having ED. Some of the health problems that can lead to ED include low levels of testosterone, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Gum Disease:

Gum disease has been studied to correlate with erectile dysfunction with one study finding that of the men who had ED, over 80% had chronic gum disease. And while more studies need to be conducted to confirm this finding, it is also true that those men who don’t take care of their oral hygiene are also less likely to take care of their health.

Now that you have read the facts about these health problems contributing to Erectile Dysfunction, here is another surprising fact:

Almost 75% of men that know they have some form or another of Erectile Dysfunction choose not to find treatment solutions, mostly due to embarrassment.

Seek professional help to combat ED and other health issues

These men usually have to deal with all the problems that come with ED including the stress and relationship problems that can crop up due to a poor sex life at home. So, if you think you may have ED or another sexual health problem, talk to your doctor instead of ignoring it. And if you do know that you have Erectile Dysfunction, know that there are ways (like male enhancement pills)you can treat your condition which can help you improve your sexual health as well as prevent future health problems.